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More Building Options For Retina MacBook Pro

02 Aug 2012 News
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Apple has begun offering a larger range of customizable options on the Retina MacBook Pro, covering almost everything. On release, customers couldn't properly pick and mix between processors and storage - if you wanted a faster processor such as a 2.6GHz i7, you'd have to step up to the $2799 model - you couldn't get it on the $2199 model. In fact if you bought the base model, you could only upgrade the RAM; the storage (256GB of flash storage) or the processor (2.3GHz i7) was fixed. According to, now you can upgrade the processor without paying extra for the storage upgrade as well, or vice versa. You can get up to 768GB of storage on the base model, for an extra $1,000. And if you want to get the processor upgrade to a 2.6GHz i7, you only have to pay $100, not $600. At the moment, the Apple Store isn't coping too well with the changes - users reported that these extra configuration options have disappeared, only for them to appear again after a few hours. It now seems to be¬†permanent¬†and official, so it's not just a glitch. Also, Retina MacBook Pros are still selling very well, at least according to the one- to two-week shipping estimate. It appears that Apple can't keep up with demand just yet.  
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