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Apple's Patent Suggests Smart Cover With Built-In Display And Keyboard

03 Aug 2012 News
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Judging from a patent filing made by Apple, it looks like the company is looking to expand its first-party accessory market with a much fancier version of a smart cover. According to, we might see things like flexible AMOLED displays, solar panels, keyboards, and radio frequency antennas. Basically, its a more advanced version of the Asus Transformer Dock that's flexible. Back in June, we saw Microsoft announce its Surface tablet, and one of the key selling points would be the Touch Cover that'd give you a built-in keyboard. Many thought this would make the Surface different from the iPad. Apple didn't copy this design; Apple actually filed the patent way back on the 11th of August, 2011. Of course Microsoft seem to be the first to bring it to market - despite Apple owning a patent on this fancy cover, there isn't any indication that any plans are in the works; ¬†after all, with patents you don't have to make the product, you just have to have an idea. Even so, it certainly suggests Apple is thinking about it.  
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