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Apple To Get Tax Break For Nevada Data Center

04 Aug 2012 News
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On Wednesday, Apple and Nevada made a deal that gave Apple tax rebates as long as the company invests in the Silver State. Apple has committed to spending at least $400 million on the construction of a data center and office building in the next four years. Over the next decade, we'll also see Apple spend upwards of $1 billion on jobs and maintenance. Apple intends to hire at least 35 employees at the data center and seek the assistance of 200 Apple-branded contractors. According to, the tax rebate that will be given to the company hasn't been disclosed although Apple did initially request up to a 2% drop in sales taxes over three to four year periods and an 85% drop in personal property taxes for up to 30 years. Apple is getting pretty good at getting tax rebates - back in May, the company got $6.4 billion in tax rebates from Texas as long as it invests $282.5 million in Austin and bring another 3,600 jobs to the city, up from its current employment in Austin of 3,100 people. Apple is doing a lot of new construction work as of late - including in the hometown of Cupertino where there are plans for a 2.8 million square-foot, four-story spaceship-esque campus that'll house just under 15,000 employees by 2015.  
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