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Apple Allowed To Seek Appeal of Kodak Patent Ruling

10 Aug 2012 News
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This month, Apple lost a court fight against Kodak surrounding two of Kodak's imaging patents. Apple was accused of trying to disrupt Kodak's patent auction that began on Tuesday. However if Apple doesn't agree with the judges ruling, the company is free to seek an appeal. Apple was previously trying to claim ownership of 10 of Kodak's patents but Kodak received a positive ruling on two of those patents. If Apple wants to, it can change the judge from one in a bankruptcy court (chosen as it was involved in the selling of Kodak's assets due to bankruptcy charges) to a district judge. According to, it's likely that Apple will seek an appeal, as the company has been fighting for the chance to get a different judge from a U.S. district court to rule on the case. Lawyers for Apple will also move quickly, as they want the settlement to be finished as soon as possible to clear up any confusion. Kodak will also want this, as the legal case is still causing problems in its patent auction.  
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