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Apple Suppliers To Do Very Well Through July As They Prepare For "Largest Launch In History"

10 Aug 2012 News
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Apple's suppliers, namely the ones behind the iPhone, are suggesting that they'll do exceedingly well in this third quarter as they get ready for the upcoming iPhone 5 launch among other iOS gadgets (probably the iPad mini). Given that Apple will have two exceptionally popular products having simultaneous launches, its not surprising that they'll be shifting a huge number of components. Brian White, analyst for Topeka Capital Markets, has stated that they've seen sales for various leading Apple suppliers in Taiwan (most of these companies aren't solely dependent on Apple - Apple is just responsible for a large amount of their revenues) rise by 14% month-on-month. The average increase in June is 8.5%, so it's clear something big is under production. Last July saw just a 7% rise, and that was preparing for the iPhone 4S. So evidently its not just a new iPhone, it'll be something bigger - like the iPad Mini. According to, some industry watchers believe that this product launch will be the largest electronic product launch in history. After all, this product launch will likely contain the iPad mini, a new iPhone, and a new iPod touch. It's the first time three iOS devices have been announced at once - Apple tends to keep it to just one per event.  
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