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Skype Update Includes Anti-Shake and Bluetooth Support

27 Sep 2011 News
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Skype today updated its iPhone app to include image stabilization and bluetooth support. Its iPad app was also updated to provide bluetooth support for the iPad 2. Skype released a video to demonstrate the difference in making video calls with the iPhone app's new anti-shake technology feature versus the old version:


Pretty big difference, right? While we're sure you will like both of these features, a third one was introduced you might not like.  Unless you are a paying Skype customer, display ads are now part of your iOS Skype life.  According to Skype's blog:
"As with our recent Mac update, there will be an advertising platform introduced in this new release. Paying Skype consumers or users with Skype Credit will not see any display ads on their iPhones or iPads. The iPhone update also includes an important security fix."
How do you feel about display ads being integrated into Skype?  Leave your comments below. Download: Skype for iPad Other apps by Skype Software
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