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Apple TV To Have An iPad Interface

19 Aug 2012 News
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Apple's desire to enter the world of television continues to pick up some momentum as recent reports have surfaced that Apple is looking to create a TV that has an interface like the popular iPad. The Wall Street Journal, was the first to break this story two days ago as they stated that while everyone is waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out, Apple is hard at work trying to create their own brand of television. Apple's TV will feature social media connections, share content across all of the Apple devices and have a digital video recorder than can be uploaded to the iCloud. Apple intends on revolutionizing the television industry. If any company can do this, it would be Apple. Apparently, Apple has also contacted entertainment companies that own TV content. They presented an outline of what the TV will do and some of the major features. Apple could be looking to integrate exclusive content and expand on their iTunes store which already offers a variety of TV shows and movies for purchase. You can bet that this TV will be expensive as some experts believe it will be anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 for a 40 to 50 inch screen.
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