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Apple iPhone 5 To Smash All Previous Records

20 Aug 2012 News
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Analysts are bracing themselves for the upcoming iPhone 5 release, which is set to take place next month. According to a recent report by, some of these experts predict that the iPhone 5 will be the most successful upgrade and device of all-time. In fact, Apple's stock already reflects the optimism as it has reached an all-time high in price of shares. Not only will Apple see success with the iPhone 5 release, but manufacturers of iPhone components will also see an increase in success. Qualcomm and Fairchild Semiconductor are two manufacturers that will definitely see an increase in production, which will translate into an increase in revenue. The iPhone 5 release is also expected to positively impact the smart phone market as a whole, which should drive up 4th quarter sales for many mobile companies. Apple is expected to send out reports and details in early September about the iPhone 5 release. An unofficial date of September 21st, is being rumored for the iPhone release to the public.
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