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Significant Upgrades For The iPhone 5 Camera

13 Sep 2012 News
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Among the many changes to the new iPhone 5 is the significant upgrade to the smartphone's camera. In fact, it appears that Apple really spent some time and effort making major improvements to the camera function. During Wednesday's press conference, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5 and its many new features. However, it seems that the camera function might have undergone the most change since the previous iPhone release, which was the iPhone 4S. The new iPhone 5 features a faster iSight camera with a list of new software improvements. However, there are still some aspects that remain the same from the previous iPhone installment. It's still 8 megapixels with a resolution of 3264-by-2448, backside illumination, an IR filter, fast aperture and a five element lens. . There's still backside illumination, a hybrid IR filter, a five-element lens, 180 HD video recording, and a fast aperture. Here's a list of some the new features for the iPhone 5 camera:
- sapphire crystal lens to make images more clear and sharp - precision lens alignment -  40 percent faster than the iPhone 4S - improved low-light performance - panorama capability - increased capabilities to share photos - Improved stabilization - better face detection - And perhaps the biggest upgrade is the "Face Time HD" feature with the front camera
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