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Project Reno app review: ensure the project runs smoothly



Home improvements and renovation projects can be pretty large and even overwhelming. Keeping track of all your projects and just planning them can be a chore. Whether you are a DIY type of person or you're a professional contractor, designer, or architect, the Project Reno app can make the project run a lot smoother. Let's examine further to see if it's one of the best project management apps

The best project management apps for iPhone

Project Reno


Small App with Big Capabilities

For one little app this one sure boasts a lot of capabilities and features. Use it to plan, monitor, and track all of your renovation projects. As mentioned both DIY and professional renovators can make use of it and the project can be small or a massive undertaking.

The best project management apps for iPad

What's really great is that you can then send all the information you are tracking and planning to your designer, contractor, partner, architect, or customer. This is great for keeping all parties on the same page and on-budget, something that is awfully important in a renovation project.

From the time you launch this app you will quickly notice just how user-friendly it is. Although there are a large amount of features nothing feels busy or confusing. The app is very self-explanatory and you will instantly be able to add your project, the details, budget information, and even photos that you can add to throughout the project.

Small App with Big Capabilities image

What Else Can It Do?

Now that we have covered the basics of what this app is capable of what about all its additional features? Projects can be filtered by name, status, contact, or number, which is an important feature if you happen to be a professional using the app. When you send the project by email you can decide what you want to include cost wise: no costs or total costs. Use the photo feature to take before shots, in-progress shots, and of course the after shots. These photos can come in handy later as part of your portfolio.

Best iphone and ipad apps

Think of this project management app as your own private assistant. You can adjust the project status to approved, completed, or paid so you stay on top of what's outstanding. There is even the ability to break down all the project costs and put them into categories which is ideal when you need to show customers a detailed listing. Even if you aren't a professional sometimes it's helpful to take a look at this breakdown.

Projects can also be shared through Facebook, Twitter, and Sina Weibo.

What Else Can It Do? image

Project Reno


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly app filled with features
  • Ideal for DIY homeowners or professionals
  • Project details can be sent by email, Sina Weibo, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Add in all kinds of details about projects
  • Filter projects by name, status, contact, or number


  • This may be too detailed for a DIY project

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Project Reno app is one that I can see coming in handy for all kinds of projects big or small. I like that it is so versatile, making it perfect for homeowners and professionals alike.

Project Reno

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