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Recipe Search for iPhone app review: add excitement to your meals



It's only natural to find yourself in a bit of a rut when it comes to cooking, recipes, and meals. We tend to stick to a handful of easy and tasty recipes and sometimes forget to look further. If you're looking for inspiration and a way to add excitement to your meals the Recipe Search for iPhone app is here to help you out.

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Recipe Search App - Find your best dish from many recipe sites.


Your Recipe Database

Perhaps you already fancy yourself somewhat of a foodie and have a large collection of tasty recipes; even if you are, there are still plenty of new ones to be found here that you can enjoy and share with family and friends. The app works by searching recipe web sites from around the world so you get a fabulous mix of styles, cuisine, and ingredients. Search through the database of recipes by using a particular recipe name, keywords, season, ingredients, and even the cooking utensils needed.

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When you first begin your search you can type in a keyword or search by calories, site, cook time, and more. You will then be given a large variety of options for all kinds of different sites that match your search criteria. Click on the recipe in order to be taken to a whole new variety of features and functions.

While on an actual recipe you can open it in Safari instead, send the recipe by email, copy the URL to your clipboard, open with Instapaper, or print it. There is a bookmarking tool to mark favorite recipes for ease of use.


Voice Controls

Also available in this app is voice control navigation. While on a recipe you can speak your commands into your device such as up, down, right, left, large, or small. This is perfect if you’re busy chopping, stirring, and washing up ingredients and your hands are too busy or dirty to touch the screen. This allows you to move seamlessly through the recipe without having to touch a thing.

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There is also a “Shop” icon at the bottom of the recipe and it offers you links to items you can purchase that relate to the recipe. This is a neat little feature that can actually lead you to some really cool products and items.

At any time you can return to the main menu and view your bookmarks, food news, and adjust your settings to your liking. The app is rather simple in its design but this allows for easy and quick navigation of the recipes.


Recipe Search App - Find your best dish from many recipe sites.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • The ability to search for recipes by keyword, title, ingredient, and many other criteria
  • Print and/or email your recipe
  • Mark recipes as favorites



  • User interface isn’t modern or slick; it feels rather basic
  • Some of the recipes are rather slow to load


Final Thoughts

The Recipe Search for iPhone app is meant to inspire you when it comes to cooking by offering you what seems to be an endless selection of mouth-watering recipes from around the world. Despite the fact that the user interface feels a bit simple the selection of recipes is so good that this is easily overlooked.


Recipe Search App - Find your best dish from many recipe sites.

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