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Hedges app review: save lost children from labyrinthine landscapes in this 8-bit extravaganza



Prepare to take on your new job as the caretaker of a twisty and turny, monster-filled maze of hedges and holes as you try find your way around in order to rescue all of the children who have become lost in the endless labyrinthine passages.

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I was admittedly a little hesitant when I first downloaded this app because I saw the basic 8-bit graphics and didn’t imagine an iOS release could really provide an engaging gameplay experience with such a basic appearance.

How wrong I was! This game is sure to provide hours of fun, and I can assure you that I am frantically typing out this review as quickly as I can so that I can get back to trimming hedges, saving kids, and jiving to some great 8-bit retro sounds!



Feelin' a Little...Hedgy?

There is a great tutorial level to get you started when you first play this game so that you can jump straight into the action afterwards without feeling confused about what the various features do.

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The basic premise of this game is that you are the caretaker of a maze and must explore the twists and turns in order to track down children who are lost in your maze and lead them back to safety. To add to the problem further, the maze has become full of monsters who are thirsty for your blood!

Never fear, however, because armed with your trust hedge trimmer and the occasional invincibility potion, you should easily be able to circumnavigate the nasties, or just hate at them with your trimmer and give them your worst.


Quit Yer Swimmin' and Start Yer Trimmin'!

As you play through each level you’ll be awarded gems based on your performance, and not being detected by any monsters will also give you the rather prestigious Ninja award for that level. The gems you collect can be spent on unlocking bonus levels to keep the fun going even longer.

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There is also a rather curt fellow roaming the courtyard who will sell you more equipment, extra lives, and coins, which can be bought using real money via in-app purchase.

This game has clearly been a labor of love and it is quite apparent that the developer has put a ton of thought into every design aspect to provide something that, although it looks simple, is full of thrills and spills and endless hours of fun. Go see what all the fuss is about!




Pros and Cons


  • Awesome 8-bit audio and visuals
  • Take the role of a maze caretaker
  • Rescue lost children from the clutches of bloodthirsty monsters
  • Collect power-ups to help you along the way
  • Use your hedge trimmer to cut through hedges
  • Game Center support



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

The only thing left to say about Hedges is to grab your hedge trimmer and get ready for business because those children aren’t going to rescue themselves!



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