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RoomHints Interior Design Ideas app review: redesign your space



Are you tired of looking at the same design in your home day after day? Are you ready for a change but don't know where to start? The RoomHints Interior Design Ideas app is able to help you re-style your space with just a couple quick taps, giving you inspiration and ideas to use.

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Roomhints Interior Design Ideas


One of Two Options

This app is able to work in two ways. You can either take a photo of an object in a store that has caught your eye such as a couch, a wall hanging, a mirror, or a bed, and then upload it to the app. Or you can take a picture of the room you want to redesign and upload it to the app. Once the photo has been uploaded the app can take it from there.

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The app is meant to take a photo of your room or object and match styles, décor, and ideas that would work with it. It looks at the design, color scheme, and layout of your room to come up with ideas. You will need to specify what category you are searching in: lighting, table, couch, or whatever, so that you give it something to work with.

I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised with what the app came back with. Incredibly enough they were items that I actually really like and I can see them fitting into my space.


Don’t Get Too Excited

Now before you get too excited this app isn’t all free. If you want help or specific advice you can certainly have that by chatting one-on-one with a design professional through the app; however, this doesn’t come for free. You will likely just want to stick to the free search rather than chatting with a professional or paying for “hints.”

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What I like about the free suggestions given to you is that you can view the price and details about the item. There is also a section of inspirational ideas that show you fully decorated rooms that you can tap on to learn about all the items used to style the room. Information you are given includes pricing details.

The app is very easy and quick to navigate so you can find what you’re looking for, whether it be your saved photos or the already-designed spaces.


Roomhints Interior Design Ideas


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • App is smooth and quick to load
  • Take a photo of your room or a décor item to get design suggestions
  • View already decorated rooms for inspirational ideas
  • View details on items suggested such as pricing



  • Not all the features are free in this app
  • The suggested items won’t always match what you’re looking for


Final Thoughts

The RoomHints Interior Design Ideas app is a great way to get started on a redesign of a space/room by giving you ideas and inspiration. I really like that you can take a picture of your space so you can get specific ideas.


Roomhints Interior Design Ideas

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