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Circa News app review: a news app designed for the small screen



The ability to read your news on your phone isn't a new concept, but occasionally the stories can be tough to read. The Circa News app seeks to rectify this by condensing the stories so they become easier to read on the iPhone screen.

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It's a welcoming concept, specifically when long stories can be cumbersome to scroll through, and you can easily lose your spot by scrolling too far. 

Circa News


Within the Standard Comes the Surprise

When you first open the Circa News app the initial layout resembles every other news app in the world. At first it doesn't seem all that revolutionary until you open your first article. This is where things drastically change from the average news app.

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Circa breaks down the standard article length into segments divided by bullet points on the right side of the screen. When you finish any segment simply scroll down and regardless how fast or slow you do so, the next segment of the story comes up. If an image is included mid-story it is a segment unto itself and in no way takes over the rest of the story.

What makes it even easier to read is the previous and next segment fade slightly in the background, and the present segment you are reading is brighter and brought to the forefront. It's an ingenious use of the graphic user interface (GUI) and makes reading any article much easier. 


Following and Sharing Made Easy

From the top menu in Circa you can go back to the sections, like many news apps, but you can also follow stories you are interested in. By clicking the icon in the top right, you can start following the story and if any further developments arrive, Circa will notify you as soon as it hits the wire.

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You can also share articles in Circa's format via email or Facebook with a quick tap. That way your friends and family can reap the benefits of reading Circa's articles on their iPhone.


Circa News


Pros and Cons


  • Layout is perfectly designed for the iPhone screen
  • Ability to follow stories and get updates



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Thoughts

If you're a news junkie and are looking for a more user-friendly way to get your information then definitely give the Circa app a try. I have yet to find another app that performs this way to make reading on the iPhone so much more enjoyable.


Circa News

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