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Tango - Internet Radio app review: get your groove on



It's time to get your tango shoes on with the Tango - Internet Radio app that provides you with all the best tango music out there. It's impossible to listen to this music without wanting to get up and dance yourself. The app features a number of different channels from SHOUTcast so you are always assured an incredible mix of music.

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Tango - Internet Radio Free music streaming app!


Infectious Fun

There is just something about tango music that is so fun, and lively. This app can act as a real pick-me-up in an otherwise dull day. Launch the app to be taken to the menu of channels/music available to stream. You will want to try out all the options as they differ slightly and you will probably have favorites.

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The app allows you to adjust the volume from within it, plus you can pause it at any time. There is an optional sleep timer but this is only available as an in-app purchase for $0.99. This seems like a reasonable price as this way you can at least fall asleep to the music or any other time you want it to automatically shut-off. The app also supports background playback.

Besides that there aren’t any other functions or tools to speak of. The app is very simple in design. It is supported by ads that run along the bottom plus on the side of the screen. The background image is just a static one rather than a changing image.


More to Say

Because this is a music app I think it’s important to comment on the quality of the audio which isn’t the greatest. It will make do but it’s just not sharp and crisp. I find you need to turn the volume up pretty high in order to hear it well. I do appreciate the fact that the station and track name displays on the top of the screen so you know what's playing.

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Despite the variety of channels available it still seems lackluster. Perhaps is the poor user interface design. While it’s simple to use and navigate it just seems to dull and basic and not at all modern. It could definitely do with a cosmetic update. The app is also missing out on social and interactive features.

As far as streaming radio apps go the Tango app is average at best.


Tango - Internet Radio Free music streaming app!


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • A variety of music stations/channels to choose from
  • The track name and station name displays at the top
  • Supports background playback
  • Control the volume from within the app



  • The app is supported by ads which are heavily present
  • The user interface is basic, dull, and without any unique features
  • There are no social or interactive features
  • The music quality is poor


Final Thoughts

For me the Tango app just isn’t worth the download. There are a few good tunes here and there but that doesn’t make up for all the negatives in this app.


Tango - Internet Radio Free music streaming app!

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