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WNEP Stormtracker 16 Weather app review: fully featured weather forecasting for the Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania area



Brought to you by the good people over at the WNEP studios is this weather forecasting app which provides a whole host of great features, designed to help residents of Pennsylvania make a fair assessment of the weather every day of the week.

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This is a pretty decent weather app with a ton of functionality on offer. I would even go so far as to say that it is a must-have for every Pennsylvanian with an iPhone or iPad.

Having a dedicated weather service in the palm of your hand is incredibly important if you live in an area which is prone to some rather severe weather conditions, and that is exactly what you’ve got here in WNEP Stormtracker 16 Weather.

WNEP Stormtracker 16 - Scranton Weather


Dedicated Weather Forecasting for Pennsylvania

When you first start up WNEP Stormtracker 16 Weather it will use your iPhone’s built-in GPS in order to determine your current location. This app is specifically tailored for Pennsylvania residents; however, this will enable you to receive weather reports relevant to other parts of the country as well.

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From here, the main weather forecast screen will update, displaying information for your local area and including things like high and low temperatures, chance of precipitation, and more for the coming week or so.

If you tap on any given day of the week, you’ll also be able to see an hourly breakdown of the weather conditions for comprehensive around-the-clock coverage. This is an awesome feature which, in comparable apps, is usually only available for the current day as opposed to the whole week.


View Seven Days of Weather Forecasts

In addition to this, you’ll also be able to see further information for each day, including factors such as Feels Like temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind speed and direction.

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The iMap Radar section is well worth checking out. In here you’ll have instant access to a radar map of your region, displaying rain, snow, and other weather fronts as they move across your area. You can also share these weather maps with your friends and family online via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Another great inclusion is the SPC Outlooks section, which offers a three-day forecast from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. This will give you advance warning of any impending storms, cyclones, or tornadoes which might be headed in your direction.


WNEP Stormtracker 16 - Scranton Weather


Pros and Cons


  • Dedicated weather forecasting for Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania residents
  • View an hourly breakdown of the weather conditions for the coming seven days
  • Three-day forecasts from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

WNEP Stormtracker 16 Weather isn’t the most original weather app that I’ve come across, but it features a very solid interface which does the job perfectly.

This is a great app which definitely receives a strong recommendation from me!


WNEP Stormtracker 16 - Scranton Weather

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