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bglobl app review: social networking made simple



If you happen to have a large number of contacts for work or just your own personal use, there is a good chance they are spread out around the country and possibly the world. The bglobl app has been created to use on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone so that you can search, find, locate, and then meet up with your contacts no matter where they may happen to be on the globe. This is fantastic when you’re traveling so you can quickly locate contacts who may just happen to be close by.

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Uses for the App

The app offers up a few uses including your ability to search and then find your contacts. As well you can follow where your contacts have been thanks to the app's use of location-based tags from various social networks. As your contacts update their social networks with their location status, the bglobl app will update the information and then pass it along to you. The app is able to seamlessly use your iOS address book and your Facebook information to gather information. I really like the fact that it uses data from a number of social networks to make the info more accurate.

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This app is one that flows and changes as your contacts move about. It has a fluid feel to it and a really hip vibe. It’s about staying connected no matter how far away your contacts may be, which is exactly what people want and demand nowadays.


The User Experience

So the description of this app is cool and fun-sounding, but does the app live up to the hype? The answer is "yes!" In a recent update the developer worked on a number of bug fixes and made enhancements to the whole "search nearby" feature so it performs smoother and faster. You can use the app to search for locations or contacts, view the map, or use the search nearby feature. You will then get a list of contacts plus where they are located. When using the nearby feature you can set the distance so you can set it as close or are far from you as you like.

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I really think the main benefit of this app is for when you're traveling. Let's say you are on a business trip in Chicago; you can use this app to find people nearby. Or perhaps you've had to travel overseas: wouldn't it be great to find contacts near you who can help you adjust to the new surroundings?




Pros and Cons


  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Find contacts located nearby
  • Set the distance for the nearby search



  • There aren’t a ton of additional features and tools


Final Thoughts

The bglobl app provides you with current and quick information that allows you to find contacts located nearby that you can meet up with. Because this app can be used on your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, it’s versatile and flexible.



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