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WedPics app review: a collective memory of everything that happened on your big day



WedPics by Deja Mi provides an easy-to-use platform for wedding guests to share candid photos with one another and with the bride and groom. Leading up to the main event, the bride and groom register a wedding ID on the free app and spread the word for friends and family to download the app and begin participating in the festivities. Participants can use an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to upload photos from a photo stream or open the camera from directly within the app. The end result is one long, interactive photo stream of all things related to a specific wedding. Post, comment, or like photos and give the bride and groom a record of their wedding from everyone’s point of view!

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WedPics - Wedding Photo App


The Full Picture

Guests can search a unique wedding ID provided by the bride and groom to get access to the specific profile. Users can read a short bio of the couple and view pictures downloaded by the bride and groom themselves. From there, guests can categorize pictures and videos taken under pre-loaded categories like ‘Wedding Shower,’ ‘Bachelor Party,’ ‘Ceremony,’ or ‘Reception.. All photos funnel into a newsfeed and customizable push notifications are sent out to other users.

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Participants can apply custom filters and captions to each photo and guests can ‘like’ or comment on each other’s photos, rehashing the funniest and most sentimental wedding moments over and over again. For a quicker view of photos, just switch the app from the newsfeed to thumbnail view. 


Spreading the Love

Though using the app is simple and free, it is still up to the couple to notify and encourage their guests to make the most of it. One way to make guests aware is to order customized app cards. The cards display the WedPics logo and the couple’s specific wedding ID and can be slipped into invitations or handed out at the event. Prices start at $24.99 for 100 cards and go up to $44.99 for 400 cards. Guests can also be invited via email or text message from directly within the app.

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When the last song has been played and cake slice served, prints can be ordered via Kodak photo service and picked up in any store providing the Kodak service. In the case you have a long line of weddings utilizing this app, switching from one wedding photo stream to another is as easy as pushing one button. 


WedPics - Wedding Photo App


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to upload or snap and edit pictures from within the app
  • Simple way to share and interact with other wedding guests
  • Contains photo editing capabilities
  • Provides a one-stop place to find all pictures and videos from everyone involved



  • Takes effort to get the word out ahead of time


Final Words

Though a bunch of guests snapping iPhone photos does not easily replace a professional photographer, it does allow for all kinds of moments to be captured that would otherwise be missed. Instead of flipping through endless Facebook albums after the wedding festivities have come to a close, guests have a one-stop option to see one wedding from every guest’s point of view. It may take effort to get people to download the free app and begin using it, but once they do, they will understand the simplicity and leave the bride and groom with a huge album of wedding memories. 


WedPics - Wedding Photo App

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