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Gun Building 3 app review: build the gun of your choice



Instead of settling for a virtual gun that is just like everyone else's in typical games, why not custom-build one? The Gun Building 3 app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone lets you build your gun and then customize it to your liking. The gun you create will be in 3D including all the parts inside the gun. It gives you a really cool view of how it would look in real life. There are plenty of attachments and parts to choose from, allowing you to fully personalize it.

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Gun Building 3


Time to Build

It's time to build your gun, which is made possible by the many attachments and parts offered. As mentioned everything is in 3D to give you a realistic experience. When you are finished building your gun it's time to use it in a combat situation, which is all part of the game. In this app's most recent update seven guns have been added: four pistols, one rifle, one SMG, and one shotgun. What this means for users is that you have even more options available to you. As an added bonus this game supports GameCenter.

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The game is free to download and play but in order to make use of all the features and options you will need to unlock items. The in-app purchases range in price from $0.99 to $1.99. One problem with this is that there is no bundle package to unlock all the guns, which users are asking for. This of course would give you better valued.


Gun Building 3 screenshot 1
Gun Building 3 screenshot 1

The User Experience

When it comes to the user experience you are truly building your gun from the ground up. You'll need to consider things such as the stock, rear sight, grip, magazine, bottom rail, front sight, and barrel. That means plenty of opportunities to create the gun you want. I really enjoy the 3D graphics here, it makes building your gun a lot easier as you can get a better look at how things are piecing together. It should be noted that you can only build a rifle for free. You have the space to build up to nine guns that you can store/save.

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For me this game almost feels like two games in one. You have the fun of building a customized gun and then you enter the combat part of this game and use the gun in battle. The battle part is really fun in itself and gameplay is easy-to-understand and smooth.


Gun Building 3 screenshot 2
Gun Building 3 screenshot 2

Gun Building 3


Pros and Cons


  • The ability to fully build and customize your gun
  • All parts are 3D
  • Use your gun in combat mode in the battles in this game
  • The app supports GameCenter
  • You can save up to nine guns



  • The free version offers limited features/options


Gun Building 3 screenshot 3
Gun Building 3 screenshot 3

Final Words

The Gun Building 3 app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone is a fun way to build and customize your own gun which you then get to use in a combat-style battle.

Gun Building 3

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