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Did you know app review: a random fact-generating app



There are a lot of useless apps in the App Store, and yet somehow there are a few that turn out to be rather popular. In some of the top free app lists you will find all kinds of nonsense, while you would think that apps from big companies and services would rank a lot higher. The reason for this is that some of these nonsense apps are actually quite good, and surprisingly interesting. Developer Kulappz has also released one of these apps recently, simply called “Did you know.” “Did you know” is basically a random fact generator, with some minor sharing features compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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Did You Know - 1000 Weird Facts, Laws, Dumb, Stupid but True


How Does it Work?

The app is really easy to use. Every page in the app has its own random fact, and to browse between facts you simply tap the screen. You can also move back if you are flicking through them really quickly. Like with other similar apps, you can also select the different fact to become favorites, meaning you can call them up by tapping the favorites button. There are over 1,000 facts in this app, and amongst them there are some really good conversation starters, so you will never have to have a dull moment again!

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Did you know?
Did you know?

Sharing Features and Missing Features

“Did you know” also has a ton of sharing features. You can choose to share the facts via Facebook, and you can post them on Twitter. There is also a way to send the random facts to your friends via email and SMS. There are some missing features as well, such as an alphabetical list of facts and a search function. For example, if you’re talking about ostriches, it would be cool to simply add in ostriches into the search function so you could get to see all the facts about these funny birds. The app also doesn’t have any sounds, which is too bad, as some of these facts could use some funny sound effects. Lastly I would like to see some photos to accompany the different facts, as now the interface is empty and boring.

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I did not know that.
I did not know that.

Did You Know - 1000 Weird Facts, Laws, Dumb, Stupid but True


Pros and Cons


  • A huge collection of over 1,000 different random facts
  • You probably didn’t know most of these facts



  •  Bad graphics and no sound
  • No search or filter function
  • No photos or sound


Why do they live on the bottom of the sea?!
Why do they live on the bottom of the sea?!


For an absolute nonsense app, this app is actually quite fun. The random facts that this app generates are great as a conversation starter and there are over a thousand different facts to discuss. The app’s lay out and graphical style is horrible, but are made up for by the sharing features and favorites option. No sounds or photos are implemented to accompany the random facts, which is probably done to keep the size of the app to a minimum. The app is fully compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is only just under 4 MB.


Did You Know - 1000 Weird Facts, Laws, Dumb, Stupid but True

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