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GoDocs for Google Docs, Google Drive App Review


GoDocs for Google Docs, Google Drive App Review GoDocs for Google Docs™, Google Drive™ Price: $4.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 4.3 or later Google Drive and Google Docs are widely used these days as cloud storage has become increasingly popular over the years. However, Google's system doesn't really have a great deal of support when it comes to using these services with iOS devices. The GoDocs app by Light Room  solves this problem by providing a native interface for iOS devices that allows you to do everything you could ever need to with the Google Drive and Docs systems. First of all, we should mention the user interface of this app. This app is very simple in its design and is very straightforward in its use. The app has received a lot of good press and it is easy to see why with a UI this simple. When it comes to the features of the app, it really does do anything and everything that you could want. It allows you to easily view documents on your iOS devices as well as download them for offline viewing. This is extremely useful for those times that you are without a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.GoDocs for Google Docs, Google Drive App Review You can also easily edit documents online and then share them using the Google Drive system. All of this is really straightforward with the easy to-use-UI. The app incorporates a PDF viewer which quickly loads PDFs. You can navigate to any specific page practically instantly. You can create new documents with the app and incorporate them into your existing Google Drive storage system. The app also supports Push notifications so you can ensure you are alerted when a document is shared or edited. Overall, this is the ultimate app for those that use Google Documents and Google Drive on a regular basis and need to access it from their iOS devices. The app supports multiple accounts too, making it great for those with multiple interests.

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