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QR Reader For iPhone App Review


QR Reader for iPhoneQR Reader for iPhone Rank: #87 on the Top 100 Free iPhone Apps List as of July 18th For: iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G. Are you looking to turn your device into a QR reader? If so check out the QR Reader for iPhone, which is a free, easy-to-use QR reader. This app works in real-time scanning mode via the camera and will open instantly. This app is literally a point and shoot philosophy, as all you need to do is hold and point the device to engage the auto-detect scanning. You are given all the control as before the website opens you need to approve it. It includes integrated features such as a web browser and map view. Feel free to create your very own QR codes and even export any scans via CSV. You can then turn around and share them on Flickr, Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook. Think of the possibilities such as your very own QR code on your business card. However, it’s important to note that if you’re using an iPhone 3G, the camera in fact has a fixed focus lens which means you’re not going to be able to scan in all conditions. You’re going to need to make sure you not only hold the device steady but also have good quality lighting. QR Reader For iPhone App Review This new version of the app features an all-new user interface. The app itself is very easy to navigate, and features such items as a History page and the Creator page, where you create your own QR code. When it comes time for sharing, again it’s very easy to understand and use; simply pull up the share option and pick what you want to use. For those unfamiliar with QR codes, they seem to be the latest craze. The whole idea is that your device is able to read this QR code, a bar code, that will then connect you to digital information such as URLs. Nowadays you’ll find these QR codes on anything from business cards to magazine ads, to books, restaurant menus, and even movie posters.

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