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Early Math Plus app review: teaching math basics



For young children there is an awful lot to learn in what can feel like just a few short years. Finding methods to teach kids in a way that is interesting, engaging, and relatable to them can be tricky. The Early Math Plus app can be used on your iPad and helps kids with their multiplication tables in a very simple and easy-to-understand way. There is also a built-in quiz so they can test their knowledge and see just how much they have managed to learn.

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Early Math Plus


Math Can Be Fun

Teaching kids that math can be fun, not intimidating or confusing, is a great way to approach the subject so that kids aren't scared off by it. The truth is that for many kids math can be quite overwhelming and you don't want them frustrated at a young age and turned off learning the subject all together. And it's not just their multiplication tables they can also work on their subtraction, addition, and division skills. Parents do have some options they can turn off/on to customize the learning experience for their child and ensure they are being challenged.

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This app's most recent update included a number of new additions including more multiplication tables, and the quiz was added. There is also more control given to the user through the options menu. As of right now the app doesn't have a customer rating nor does it have any customer comments.


Brush up on their multiplication tables
Brush up on their multiplication tables

Learning through the App

When your child is ready to start learning they can launch this app and begin. They are given a problem to work out and they can make notes on the memo pad style screen. This is a great way for them to work out the problem and encourage the problem-solving needed to find the answer. As mentioned there is a Times Quiz and this is a great opportunity for them to gest just how much they have learned. There is also the timer mode where a timer is counting. This mode can be turned off if you find it adds too much pressure.

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When kids are given a question they will see a number of possible answers and all they have to do is choose one. This is helpful for them in that they aren't feeling like they are working from scratch. The user interface is very simple and kid-friendly so they can easily use it on their own.


View the problem and four answers to choose from
View the problem and four answers to choose from

Early Math Plus


Pros and Cons


  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Work on multiplication tables in a fun way
  • Use the timer mode as an added challenge
  • Take the quiz to see how much has been learned



  • There aren’t a ton of features and tools


Early Math Plus screenshot
Early Math Plus screenshot

Final Words

The Early Math Plus app can be used on your iPad by kids looking to increase their knowledge of math specifically when it comes to the multiplication tables. The built-in quiz mode is a great way to test just how much they’ve learned.


Early Math Plus

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