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Gang Boom Bang app review: a really well-thought-out shooting gallery with a great thought behind it



It happens very often that developers get their inspiration from a real-life event. Most of these are sadly done while inebriated in a bar somewhere, and none of these stories are usually worth repeating in a review about said game. There are exceptions, such as Gang Boom Bang by Trigra Ltd. This developer actually developed this game to help a young boy with cancer to (figuratively speaking) shoot his cancer away. The game is developed for both iPhone and iPad and it will set you back only $1.99, part of which will go to a good cause to help children who need it the most. If you want to try out the game first, there is a free version available as well. 

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Gang Boom Bang



Not only is this game a must-buy if you want to support a good cause, you should also look at this game if you like shooting galleries, that were made famous in the NES, like Duck Hunt. The gameplay has changed since those times though, but I haven’t seen it developed as good as in this game. You simply touch and drag over the screen with one finger and the crosshairs will follow you around. To shoot, simply tap the screen with the other finger, or hold it if you’ve found a machine gun for unlimited shooting! The goal is to kill all the mice that are invading your house (This is a metaphor for cancer invading a body). There are one hundred in every level, and each have a different tactic for you to kill them.

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Gang Boom Bang screenshot 1
Gang Boom Bang screenshot 1

Graphics, Sound, and Other Elements

The graphics is another place where the game really stands out. All the enemies seem hand-drawn and have incredible detail to them. The sound of the game is also pretty good, even though the music is something you either like or you don’t as it’s quite loud. It keeps playing during gameplay as well. Furthermore, there are five different environments in the game and in total there are 10 different mice that will try to kill you. When you finish a level, you will also get access to a comic book that is specifically designed to accompany the game and gives the story of the game a lot more depth.

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Gang Boom Bang screenshot 2
Gang Boom Bang screenshot 2

Gang Boom Bang


Pros and Cons


  • It’s for a good cause
  • The gameplay, graphics, and sound are all well-designed
  • A free comic book



  • The music is hit or miss depending on your taste


Gang Boom Bang screenshot 3
Gang Boom Bang screenshot 3


If I were reading this I would not hesitate and buy this app straight away. Even though there is a free version, the full version is only $1.99 and has enough content to make that purchase worth it, even if it wasn’t for a good cause. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and is just over 130 MB.


Gang Boom Bang

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