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99 Skills To Soccer Ball Mastery app review: I’ve got 99 problems but the ball ain’t one!



One person does not become a great football (soccer) player overnight. Becoming a wizard with the ball takes a long time and a lot of practice. Almost every boy you ask in Europe what they want to become when they grow up will say professional football player. This also shows when you check how many kids in Europe actually play the sport. They youth will have training sessions once a week and one match every weekend. During these training sessions, there will be a few moments for them to actually focus on their ball control. But how do you approach this as their coach? Coerver Coaching has the answer for you in one handy app called 99 Skills To Soccer Ball Mastery. The app, designed for both iPhone and iPad, is chock full of videos that can help you train your kids into becoming the next big football player.

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99 Skills To Soccer Ball Mastery


What does the app have to offer?

99 Skills To Soccer Ball Mastery is a video app. The developers have prepared tons of different videos that explain what a certain move is and how it can be practiced. The initial video group called Essentials are available from within the app (no internet connection is required to play these videos) and focus solely on the basic secrets to ball control. All the videos show a pupil that practices a particular move, which are the exercises that you would want your pupils to practice as well. In the Essentials group there are an estimated 30 different videos available for free.

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great video quality
great video quality

App Design and Upgrading the App

The design of the app is very clean. On the left hand side you’ve got your categories where you can pick the level you’re training on, while on the right hand you will see a list of videos. Each video has a percentage mark behind it that tells you how much of the video you have watched. This can be a great tool for in the dressing room prior to your training session. If you want access to the more advanced moves, you will need to upgrade the app. You will get access to three more categories with videos showing more difficult moves. This upgrade will cost you a one off price of $9.99.

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The video menu
The video menu

99 Skills To Soccer Ball Mastery


Pros and Cons


  • Good app design
  • Tons of free videos in high quality
  • No need to be online


  • $9.99 is a bit pricey for this amount of short videos



99 Skills To Soccer Ball Mastery is a great app for trainers and young players alike. The app clearly explains all the basics for ball mastery and will teach you all kinds of new things. Upgrading the app costs $9.99, which seems a bit steep, but all the content can be used to get your players up to speed and give them an edge in their matches. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and weighs over 300 MB.


99 Skills To Soccer Ball Mastery

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