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MinderBox App Review


MinderBox App ReviewMinderBox
Price: Free For: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later MinderBox by Sergii Iamkovyi, released July 2012 (less than a month ago at time of writing) is already starting to see some good solid feedback from users, especially as it’s free. MinderBox is essentially a way to take notes on the go, and offers the choice of a number of different methods to do so. You can make a quick voice recording and save it as an audio note, take a snapshot or a piece of video footage from either camera on the iPhone, or just save a note as text. There are also additional options which are where MinderBox comes in pretty handy. It’s all fine and dandy making notes but how often do you forget or discard them, especially when they’re not saved in a physical sense. Something attached to the fridge door will always be more likely to catch your attention than a digital note buried in your iPhone. MinderBox has taken this into account and gives you the choice to set a reminder to a note. With a single tap you can set the note as one of three different priorities: low, medium, or high. Once you've completed the task or the note is no longer relevant, tick the box beside the task. You can  also monitor those still outstanding.
MinderBox App ReviewA very simple but highly useful day-to-day app, MinderBox is definitely worth the free download if you’re still on the hunt for a way of keeping up with your to-do lists and "don't forget" reminders. The fun and goofy “tap” button on the interface is a great way to remind you of tasks still at-hand. At the bottom of the display you have the menu bar which lists audio, capture, note, and all notes, which is uncomplicated and clutter-free from ads. With no bugs or crashes to report of, it seems MinderBox is the perfect fix for keeping tabs on the everyday chores.              

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