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4 In A 3D Row App Review


4 In A 3D Row App Review4 IN A 3D ROW Price: $1.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Hey all you Connect Four enthusiasts: 4 In a 3D Row is a fantastic take on the classic game in stunning 3D. This one takes a little getting used to thanks to the 3D gameplay, but once your eyes have adjusted you’ll be able to take this game in fully and really enjoy it. Although there are similarities to the classic game of Connect 4, this game is still original and completely different. It stays different by offering a whole new style of game play and a twist. The idea of the game is simple enough. Your job is to turn the 3D cube and place your gems while you try to get four in a row. However, you’re going to need to be really careful because your opponent is working to beat you and has the same simple goal as you: to get four in a row as fast as possible. Gameplay could not be easier thanks to the swipe and one-tap control. The game runs off a leveling system, where you try to clear your current level to move on to the next. You’re also able to unlock levels of difficulty as you go along. Other extras are the ability to unlock Turntime modes and Achievements as you work your way through the levels. You’ll earn points by clearing levels. No need to remember all your shining victories as there are Game Center Leaderboards that will do that for you. The Worldwide Ranking System will give you a real clear picture.4 In A 3D Row App Review You’ll have the option of playing in single player mode if you’re looking to just out-best your last score or use the multi-player mode and be pitted against players from around the world based on any device. Just think of the never-ending opponents you can challenge. A really cool feature of the game is the ability to play it on any of the devices you own; just share your game progress to any of your other devices and you’re good to go.

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