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Cluster App Review


Cluster App ReviewCluster Price: $0.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad If you don’t mind spending 99 cents and you love puzzles, then Cluster may be for you. The developer, Giovanni Balestra, describes the game as "simple," but it appears to get pretty technical and you will need to hone your tactics through the 31 levels. The premise of the game is that you are brought in to take charge of the vector that must grow larger through the correct dimensions of blocks input by you to succeed in progressing from one level to the next. As you delve deeper through the levels your calibration of each vector will have to be spot-on as you attempt to stay clear of the many enemy cubes that will hinder your chances of making it through.Cluster App Review Once you finally reach the last level, this stage begins with you starting off slowly at an easy pace, then on to an increasingly harder challenge concluding in psychedelic mode. Clusters main features include 4 blocks of differentiating difficulty, the seven unique cubes, the pseudo-psychedelic 3D graphics and of course the 31 stages. The latest of Cluster's most recent upgrades have addressed the not un-lock bug on level four, another random bug in levels three through 10 and an overall improved performance. For the price of just a dollar you won’t find any more costs built so you can advance further faster, so you get what you pay for plus more levels and blocks are promised to be on the way.        

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