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Trail Tracker GPS app review: the ultimate trail-tracking tool to traverse with on your journeys



Whether you're charting out your new neighborhood when you go out for your morning walk, or you're a cardio bunny who likes to explore the great outdoors by foot, Trail Tracker GPS is an app that will serve as a fantastic and helpful companion to enhance your trips.

This app works by tracking your whole journey and logging various statistics that can help you get analytical and assess your trips. Featured on AppsGoneFree and, Trail Tracker GPS has a fantastic UI and is a very user-friendly tool so you can focus on your hiking, biking, jogging, or whichever form of locomotive you choose.

With a price tag of just 99 cents, this app costs a fraction of any GPS trackers available in the market, so let's get right to the features and functions to see if it delivers in performance.

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Trail Tracker GPS - Running, Hiking, and Cycling


Interface & Maps

Taking up only 4.8 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad, Trail Tracker GPS not only downloads and installs quickly, but it also works like a dream, with smooth and seamless navigation systems that take full advantage of iOS technology.

Although there are many functions on this app, I had absolutely no trouble figuring out how to use it. The tracking for any kind of trip is really straightforward as you start up this app and the main screen gives you a live viewing of the progress of your trail on the app's map. The maps will show you detailed views of the terrain, floor plans, map tiling, and even Street View is integrated into the interactive map.

There are loads of various settings which are highly customizable to the last detail to ensure that you have the optimal tracking experience. You can even use the text-to-speech function to receive in audio format your speed, distance, or duration of activity as you track.


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Trail Tracker GPS screenshot 1
Trail Tracker GPS screenshot 1

Other Functions And Features

Through your outing, Trail Tracker GPS can not only guide you along your saved and imported maps, but it will also present you with details stats on each recorded trail with data points such as your speed and elevation graphs. You can even use the Waypoints feature to capture images along your trail.

Another nifty feature of this app is the ability to quickly send over your coordinates in case you happen to encounter an emergency situation. Despite the use of GPS in the background, this app can continue to track for six hours without having to charge it, so make sure you take it along with you no matter how long your trail is going to be.

Finally, social media is fully integrated into this app, allowing you to easily share maps using Facebook, Twitter, or even email, allowing you to be accountable for your walking, running, or biking routine, as well as share newly discovered places with your friends and family.


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Trail Tracker GPS screenshot 2
Trail Tracker GPS screenshot 2

Trail Tracker GPS - Running, Hiking, and Cycling


Pros & Cons


  • Displays the live view of your trail progress on the interactive map
  • Dynamic maps will show you detailed views of the terrain, floor plans, map tiling, and even Street View
  • Sends out your current coordinates quickly in case you encounter an emergency
  • Allows for up to six hours of tracking without the need to charge your device



  • Although this app is compatible with all iOS devices which have iOS 7 or higher running, make sure you check that your iPhone or iPad has GPS capabilities as it may not be the case with older models


Trail Tracker GPS screenshot 3
Trail Tracker GPS screenshot 3

Final Words

Trail Tracker GPS will always help you find your way out and back home no matter what, and is a highly usable and functional app for anyone who is wishing to chart out and get a deeper understanding of their geography. This is a must-have on your iPhone or iPad!


Trail Tracker GPS - Running, Hiking, and Cycling

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