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Secret Apps Lite app review 2021



Secret Apps Lite by Sensible Code is a secret folder app that acts as a safe for all the data you want to keep protected and stored on your iOS device.

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It doesn't matter what kind of data you want to store in your "wall safe," whether it be documents, notes, bookmarks, your browsing history, contacts, videos, or photos; everything is treated equal in this photo storage app and it's all stored securely.

The photo vault app is password-protected and it will even take a picture of someone if they try to get inside your safe. It supports both landscape and portrait mode and once you download it once you can install it on any iDevice. Let's see if this is the best vault app for iPhone and iPad. 

Secret Apps Photo Lock


More Details

Its photo vault has multiple albums and a very fast photo viewer, the ability to take a private photo or video right within the app, you can check out your photos in slideshow mode, and the app even lets you import videos or photos from your Photo Album.

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Another great feature is the private web browser that acts similar to Mobile Safari. The app supports, video downloads, supports multiple tabs, and supports resuming of interrupted downloads. Even your notes and contacts are kept secure and safe.

If you're a stickler for keeping your information safe and private then this app gets the job done. It's very simple to use so you'll be able to secure everything behind that password lock.

Secret Apps Photo Lock


Secret Apps Photo Lock

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