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Rebuild app review: build up your town after a zombie outbreak



Everyone is dead. The town is overrun. There are 6 known survivors, each with their own skillset. How do we proceed? This is the premise of Rebuild, an app developed by Sarah Northway. Compatible with both iPad and iPhone, Rebuild puts you in charge over the remains of a once great town. There might be survivors out there, and what is the food situation like. Those are the least of your worries, as the blocks outside of your carefully fenced off part of town are crawling with zombies, and you need a way out. 



Explore, expand and kill zombies

There are multiple ways to finish the game, which I won’t spoil for you, but there are certain gameplay elements you need to explore to win the game. First of all, is the fact you need to eat. Since you start with only one small farm, your community burns through food rather quickly, meaning we need to find a farm, kill the zombies and reclaim it. Since Rebuild is a turn based game you can send out your best soldiers to attack zombies, have your engineers reclaim areas and use your leaders to try and persuade other survivors to join your little society. Soon, your band of survivors will have expanded, and you’ll need more food and housing to sustain this. But there is more. You’ll need a hospital for any injuries that might occur in such a hostile environment, and you can use a lab to research all kinds of technologies to help you get rid of the undead. 


Moral compass and zombie defense

Before you know it, the zombie threat gets bigger and will start attacking your little town. This is where defenses come in. You can fortify a mall, place some soldiers in there and the undead threat will go down. They will still attack, but won’t get past your defenses. If you can’t hold off a horde of zombies, they will simply take back a square of your town, making you have to get back and reclaim it again from the walking corpses. 

The inhabitants of your town can specialize in a few different ways, like the aforementioned soldier and the clever scientist. Sometimes, an event will pop up and you’ll have to make a decision, which might lead you to a victory or to an untimely demise. Will you take some food now, and pay the price later? When you run out, will you eat the corpse of the first person who starved? And what about the cabin in the woods? Will you keep it for yourself and use it to escape when the time comes?




Pros and Cons


  • Deep strategy
  • Turn based gameplay, ideal for on the road
  • Tons of endings


  • Can get overwhelming later in the game



Rebuild is one of my all-time iOS favorite games. It offers tons of content and a huge amount of replay value for only $2.99. Add different city sizes, difficulty levels and seasons to the already huge amount of endings and you’ve got a game that will last you through a zombie apocalypse. 


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