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Expense Memo app review: keep an accurate record of your outgoings in a unique instant messenger format



This is a basic budgeting app which enables you to input your target amount of expenditure for the month and then record each subsequent purchase you make so that you can easily keep a handle on the money you’re spending relative to your monthly budget.

This is a nice idea for an app but I’m not sure how productive it really is in a practical sense. I may possibly by using Expense Memo incorrectly but I find the layout to be rather unclear and confusing at times, and I would much rather see my expenses laid out in more of a rudimentary spreadsheet format.

Having said this, some people may prefer this instant messenger format of bookkeeping and being able to insert images certainly makes things more interesting.

Expense Memo


Money, It's a Gas

The basic premise of this app is that it features an integrated bot which will respond according to the data you input. The idea is that by typing in your financial target for the month and inputting subsequent outgoings, the bot will provide you with feedback so you know where you are in terms of your budgeting for the month.

The functionality extends further than that, mind, and does include the ability to insert typed notes and even photographs - perhaps so that you can remind yourself that the overpriced sushi you bought last week really was worth the money - or maybe that’s just me!



In theory, this all sounds like an interesting and novel way of recording your expenses, and the app itself is very well put together with a fairly clear and concise interface and great stability with no lag at all.

In practice, I’m not so sure; people who need to record their finances, I would imagine, want a more basic format with the ability to take a quick at-a-glance look at something like a spreadsheet and immediately see where they are.

I would like to add that this is purely my subjective opinion on Expense Memo which is a fantastically designed app with some definite practical application for some people, so I would certainly suggest checking it out to see if this style of financial record-keeping works well for you.


Expense Memo


Pros and Cons


  • Very original way of recording your finances through an instant messenger format
  • Insert images and text notes into your records
  • Automatic backup function so you don’t have to worry about keeping a separate record of your entries
  • Very clear visual layout which runs smoothly



  • I personally feel that the design is somewhat gimmicky, but this is purely my subjective opinion


Final Words

If you’re currently in the market for an app that will enable you to keep concise records of your outgoings, Expense Memo is well worth checking out because it is far superior to many similar apps in terms of functionality and reliability.

It definitely isn’t the most conventional bookkeeping app I’ve ever used but it works consistently and is very easy to use, so be sure to compare it with more standard forms of financial tracking to see which style best suits you.

Expense Memo

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