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Zenonia 4 app review: the fourth iteration of legendary action RPG



Zenonia 4 by Gamevil is the sequel to one of the most popular iOS RPG apps on the App Store. As with previous version of the game, this action packed role playing game is completely free, with the exception of in app purchases. With brand new, high-definition, Retina-compatible graphics, Zenonia 4 is the best looking game set in this world. Any fan of classic Japanese style role playing games will really enjoy the story and the combat that Zenonia 4 has to offer. 

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Starting a Game

When you start the game, you can pick a character from four different character classes, the Slayer, Blader, Ranger or Druid. Each of these classes has its own plus sides. For example, the ranger is better for fighting over a distance, while the Slayer has higher armor proficiency, making him harder to beat in a man to man battle. Throughout your adventure you will be able to find or buy better equipment, and your characters will become stronger when you defeat more enemies and gain more experience. The game looks absolutely stunning. When you kick off one of the special combos or spells, the screen will light up with all the special effects used to make this game look visually beautiful.

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Bugs, Crashes, and In-Game Currency

While I was playing this game, it crashed numerous times. Luckily, the app automatically send a bug report to the developer when this happens. (It asks you nicely before you boot up the game again).

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When you start the game, you will receive 1000 zenonians, which you can use to buy new weapons, armor or other equipment with. You can buy more of this currency in game, where 1000 zenonians will set you back $0.99, yet 160,000 will cost you $99.99. Of course tons of options in between are available for you to pick from. Lastly, there is also a multiplayer mode, which pits your hero to heroes from all over the world. You will team up with another hero in an exciting two-on-two battle. You can of course also battle in the classic one-on-one battle mode, or compete in the Abyss for all kinds of loot drops.

Bugs, Crashes, and In-Game Currency image



Pros and Cons


  • Stunning graphics
  • Four different characters to pick from
  • Lots of content


  • In app purchases are steeply priced
  • The game doesn’t run stable at the time of writing

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Zenonia 4 is one of the best iPhone RPG apps if you’re into Japanese role playing games. With a unique visual style and four distinctive playing styles, Zenonia 4 will have something for any kind of role playing fan. The in game currency is quite steeply priced, but if you are persistent, you can earn anything you want by just playing the game. If you like some multiplayer challenges, this game is for you as well, with three different multiplayer modes on offer, all free to play. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.


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