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Taylor’s Fundamentals of Nursing, 7th Edition Q&A app review: access a multitude of questions to test your knowledge and aptitude as a nurse



What we have here is an essential resource for nurses or those currently training to enter into the nursing profession. You can create your own quizzes by accessing a almost a thousand nursing-related questions that will test your understanding of all areas of this line of work.

I don’t aspire to enter the medical profession any time soon but this is a truly fantastic app which contains a vast amount of content, ideal for any nurses-to-be who want to brush up on their knowledge of certain areas and make sure to truly be at the top of their game and offer a great service to patients.

Hello, Nurse!

Upon first starting up this app, you’ll be given the option of registering in order to receive special discounts and promotional offers. This is completely optional so if you want to skip this step you can jump straight into the meat of the app.

The main menu enables you to create quizzes to test yourself in a variety of ways, and I’m very impressed with the level of customization offered in terms of designing your tests.

You can either create a quiz using the content you’ve already bookmarked while browsing through the hundreds of questions, or you can create a custom quiz with a fixed number of questions randomly selected from the chapters you specify.


Become a Super Nurse

There are 46 chapters in Taylor’s Fundamentals of Nursing, 7th Edition and there is a huge amount of information to digest, so I think the developer has done a fantastic job of simplifying things and offering a very easy way of taking it in one little morsel at a time.

You can also track your performance by visiting the Cumulative Stats section. From here you’ll be able to view figures such as how many questions you’ve answered correctly or incorrectly. All of the information is broken down according to how you’ve performed on each chapter or on specific quizzes you’ve created.


Pros and Cons


  • Hundreds upon hundreds of questions spanning 48 chapters from Taylor’s Fundamentals of Nursing, 7th Edition
  • Create your own custom quizzes to learn the fundamentals of nursing in a way which best suits you
  • View extensive cumulative statistics to track your progress over time
  • Wonderfully simplistic user interface



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

I almost forgot to mention one thing. The user interface has a very generic design and I’m pleased to see that the developer hasn’t cluttered up this app with loads of useless features.

Instead, what you have is all the vital information you need to learn the nursing profession, but presented in a way with just enough customization to offer a unique learning opportunity which you can carry around with you to hone your nursing skills while you’re on the go.

This is a brilliant app and I would definitely urge any nurses in training to take it for a spin and see what they think.

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