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Tooth Fairy Calculator app review: easily determine the going rate for your child’s tooth based on various factors



Developed by Visa Inc., Tooth Fairy Calculator is a far cry from the developer's usual brand of credit card functionality, instead providing parents with a simple tool they can use to figure out the value of their child’s teeth when they fall out based on data collected from demographic surveys.

As a parent, you might be unsure about how much money to leave under your child’s pillow when one of his teeth falls out. With this app, you can answer a few simple questions to determine how much the tooth is worth so that you can give your child the correct amount in line with what the Tooth Fairy typically leaves for kids.

Practical Money Skills for Life's Tooth Fairy Calculator App


Tooth and Nail

Keeping in line with its simple concept, Tooth Fairy Calculator simply requires that you complete seven short steps, and at the end you’ll be presented with the correct sum of money to give your child when her tooth falls out.

There are some interesting questions in the survey, such as your gender, age, level of education, the size of your family, and your annual income.

Once you’ve answered all of the questions you’ll be given a dollar value for the tooth. Unfortunately mine is only worth two bucks so I won’t start pulling teeth anytime soon!


My Tooth is Only Worth $2!

On the Your Results screen you’ll also see what your tooth would have been worth in 1995, adjusted for inflation, and you can share the value of your tooth with friends and family online via Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message.

There is also a button on this screen you can tap to be provided with an explanation of how the figure was calculated.

The tooth values are based on what parents said the Tooth Fairy left under their child’s pillow in a July 2013 survey conducted across the United States. By answering questions to determine which demographic you belong to, you’ll be able to see what parents who answered similarly to you reported.


Practical Money Skills for Life's Tooth Fairy Calculator App


Pros and Cons


  • Answer a handful of questions to determine the going rate for a tooth in America
  • Results are based on a July 2013 Tooth Fairy nationwide survey
  • Share your results with others online via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

Having been developed by Visa Inc., this is a very well-developed app with a wonderfully polished visual layout and some quirky sound effects.

I really like that the information is based on actual survey results because I initially thought the developer may have just pulled the figures out of thin air, so it’s good to see that it has been based on real world statistics.

At the end of the day, Tooth Fairy Calculator is just a bit of fun and you could even sit with your child and have them fill it out, hoping that they’re satisfied with the results!

Practical Money Skills for Life's Tooth Fairy Calculator App

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