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Grid Filter app review: add multiple filters to your photo grid style



Most photography apps only allow you to add one simple filter to a photo, and maybe play around with the settings yourself a bit. Grid Filter by MEA Mobile is a beautifully designed app that allows you to split up your photos into a massive grid of squares, in which you can set one of many filters. This means you can create a beautiful shot into something even more amazing, simply by adding the right effects to the right parts of the photo. You can even create your own effects and share them with the world!

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Grid Filter


How the App Works

As with every other photo app, you will need to take or select a photo from your Cmera Roll. Then you select what kind of grid you want to use, and simply if you want the lines to be visible. Regrettably, you can only choose from square grids, but you can select these in various sizes. The app would be really interesting if you could select different grid shapes as well, or draw your own grids.

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When you’re happy with the grid you’ve selected, you can start editing each square on the grid. You can change each individual size, overlapping other squares, and you can change the filters on them, creating a piece of photography art. The results can be quite breathtaking as you can really make specific parts of a photo stand out.


A Tutorial and Sharing Your Created Themes and Photos

The design of the app is truly a work of art. Everything is created in a beautiful art style. This design also translates into the user interface, as the app is really easy to use. When you first start using the app you will be presented with a tutorial video, which is very clear and concise on how to use the app. Grid Filter also hosts all kinds of sharing and saving options. Of course you can save the theme to your Camera Roll, but you can also mail it as a PDF or a PNG, and you can share it instantly from the app to Facebook and Twitter. You can even mail it to someone as a theme, so they can set it on their device.

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Grid Filter


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use
  • Create your own work of art



  • No actual editing options



Grid Filter is a beautifully designed app, which is easy to use. On top of that it presents you with unique editing software that allows you to create fantastic pieces of photography art. There are many different filters and options to choose from, but you can’t really edit a photo. Sharing features are abundant and very useful, while theme creation is very nice to have. The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad, though I would suggest using it on the latter. The app weighs takes up just over 21 MB in size, which is not bad.


Grid Filter

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