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Gvidi app review: an all-in-one food and beverage guide



If you're tired of visiting the same old restaurants, bars, and cafes and you're looking for something new and exciting, the Gvidi app can act as your own personal guide. The app provides you with listings to all the best spots as well as reviews and photos. Why not get out and discover some new favorite spots?

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Gvidi, your personal guide to the best restaurants, cafes and bars in the city


Endless Suggestions

This app feels like it offers endless suggestions on great places to eat, drink, and relax near and around you. It doesn't matter if you've lived in the same location your whole life or you're new to the area as there are sure to be listings here that you never knew about.

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When you launch the app you have a choice of signing in through Facebook or singing in without registering. The app then learns about you so it can make recommendations that are personalized for your own tastes. If the app isn’t able to find any listings in your area simply widen your perimeter or pick a new area.

Results are almost instant and you can then filter them to make the selection process quicker and easier. Filter by the cost, whether or not you’ve visited it, if it offers free WiFi, if it’s open 24/7, if it's kid friendly, and so on. You can get as specific as you want. The listings will include nearby cafes, bars, and restaurants.

You'll notice there is a percentage score next to each listing; this score indicates how close it fits your own personal profile. Obviously the higher the percentage, the more likely it is ideal for you.


Keep the Features Coming

The features just keep on coming as you're able to view reviews and photos from other users who have visited these locations. Don't forget to give back to the community and do some rating and reviewing of your own. Use the map to find where the restaurant is located, make use of the exclusive in-app discounts at participating locations, and coming soon will be the ability to make reservations from within the app.

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It really is a full-featured food and drink guide that takes you from start to finish as far as the experience goes. When it comes to the actual recommendations you can get them based on location or the type of cuisine you're interested in.


Gvidi, your personal guide to the best restaurants, cafes and bars in the city


Pros and Cons


  • Provides personalized recommendations to local bars, cafes, and restaurants
  • Maps out the locations
  • Results can be filtered
  • Search for food and drink based on location or cuisine
  • Read reviews and ratings, and view photos
  • Post your own reviews, ratings, and photos



  • Not all cities will have the same amount of information available and it’s also impossible to ensure every single restaurant/bar/café is listed


Final Words

I like the sheer simplicity and usefulness the Gvidi app offers. I am always on the hunt for a new place to eat and relax at so this app is able to help me discover some wonderful new locations.


Gvidi, your personal guide to the best restaurants, cafes and bars in the city

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