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AmericaAlerts is an all-in-one weather app with talking notifications. If you are looking for maps and information on weather, earthquakes, or tsunamis, you will find all of these without having to use multiple apps. Get notifications and data from the NWS (National Weather Service), the USGS (United States Geological Survey), and the PTWC (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center). The talking notifications make the app more accessible to everyone, and they are available in 14 languages. You have the ability to choose your location, and the distances are available in miles or kilometers.Weather - Receive talking notifications with distance and bearing - Current temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, and weather conditions - Daily temperature forecast - Several weather map layers from OpenWeatherMapEarthquakes - Receive talking notifications with magnitude, distance, depth, and bearing - Sort and filter by magnitude, distance, and depth - Tectonic plates layer for map - Active volcanoes layer for map - Nuclear reactors layer for map - Store up to 1,000 eventsTsunamis - Receive talking notifications with magnitude, level, distance, and bearing - Sort and filter by magnitude, level, and distance - Tectonic plates layer for map - Active volcanoes layer for map - Nuclear reactor layer for map - Store up to 1,000 eventsThere is no login required, no ads, and no collection of personal data.
AmericaAlerts for iPad is an all-in-one weather app with talking notifications. If you are looking for maps and information on weather, earthquakes, or tsunamis, you will find all of these without having to use multiple apps. Get notifications and data from the NWS (National Weather Service), the USGS (United States Geological Survey), and the PTWC (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center). The talking notifications make the app more accessible to everyone, and they are available in 14 languages. You have the ability to choose your location, and the distances are available in miles or kilometers.Weather - Receive talking notifications with distance and bearing - Current temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, and weather conditions - Daily temperature forecast - Several weather map layers from OpenWeatherMapEarthquakes - Receive talking notifications with magnitude, distance, depth, and bearing - Sort and filter by magnitude, distance, and depth - Tectonic plates layer for map - Active volcanoes layer for map - Nuclear reactors layer for map - Store up to 1,000 eventsTsunamis - Receive talking notifications with magnitude, level, distance, and bearing - Sort and filter by magnitude, level, and distance - Tectonic plates layer for map - Active volcanoes layer for map - Nuclear reactor layer for map - Store up to 1,000 eventsThere is no login required, no ads, and no collection of personal data.
Amazingly beautiful 3D images of our planet draws your attention for so long that you may forget that the application has other useful features that allows you easy access to precise, global weather information.Features: • Easily select different cities using the city carousel with national flags  • Chic 3D “home screen” with high-quality real-time image of the earth, atmosphere, the stars and the sun  • 15-day forecast chart with detailed daily weather conditions, independent day and night temperature charts  • 48-hour hourly forecast with detailed information with real-time changing of chart step  • Database of 80 000 cities with weather information, quick look-up and automatic detection of location • Temperature on the icon badge • Customized Weather Widget • Weather MapsThe main features of “Weather Now” are the “home screen” and the forecast page with a unique way of scaling the charts. On the “home screen”, you can get information on the selected location such as local time and current weather with detailed weather conditions, and, of course, an incredibly beautiful three-dimensional image of the globe with realistic-looking atmosphere, the sun and the stars. You can manually turn it, increase and decrease its size, run the slow spinning animation or stop it. Installed in a cradle or dock station, the application can run as a screensaver, attracting your friends and fellows. The weather forecast is provided by CustomWeather, Inc, an American weather provider of global weather information for over 15 years. CustomWeather is a leader in technology and meteorological innovation, providing local weather information to companies and application developers around the world. The current weather data is gathered from thousands of professionally installed and maintained weather stations installed mostly at airports. WeatherNow only shows current weather from stations that have reported local weather conditions within the past hour. Current weather data is refreshed every 30 minutes; that is twice as frequent as most other weather providers can offer. Unique 48-hour forecasts from over 80,000 locations around the world provide a level of coverage and detail that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Current weather information includes: description, air temperature, wind direction and force, humidity, dew point, pressure, visibility, as well as comfort index with reference to current weather conditions.  Detailed weather forecast information includes: description, day and night air temperature, wind direction and force, humidity, UV index, probability of precipitation, and comfort index with reference to current weather conditions.
Our free Texas Storm Chasers app includes real-time Texas weather articles, interactive weather radar, live storm chase video, and new features based on follower suggestions. After serving over one half million social media followers we’re excited to announce the introduction of the Texas Storm Chasers app. We don’t include automated weather content that runs off automated weather model data. Our team of vetted weather enthusiasts and storm chasers provide you with up-to-date weather information. Some might say we even do it with a bit of Texas flair. Our app is designed to work flawlessly with our weather blog. That compatibility ensures we’re able to provide rapid weather updates during high-impact events. Take that a step further with our free interactive weather radar. Previously available only on our website our interactive weather radar has been included within the app itself. Track storms in your neighborhood or across the United States without leaving the app. A fan-favorite will return for the 2016 storm chase season. After several years of hiatus, the Texas Storm Chasers Live Storm Chasing Feed will be returning! Join us on our adventures across the Plains as we hunt the next storm. From monster hail to giant tornadoes and the unexpected in between you’ll surely be glued to your screen. Finally, this wouldn’t be a TXSC app if we didn’t include safety tips to ensure your families safety during severe weather. Wondering what to do if a tornado is headed your way? How about if you’re caught outside with a severe storm approaching? Safety tips and other weather information will be a touch away. Stay weather aware and up to date with the Texas Storm Chasers App! - Die App mit dem interaktiven Radar! Unsere bekannt exakten Wettervorhersagen, schön gestaltet und einfach zu bedienen! Die Wetter App für iPhone und iPad bietet Ihnen diese Inhalte: - Das aktuelle Wetter und die nächsten Stunden direkt auf einen Blick - 7-Tage-Vorhersage - Detaillierte Wetterdaten inkl. Diagramm für jeden Tag - Interaktive Wetterkarten mit 5-minütigem Radar für Deutschland - Nachrichten und Blog Beiträge aus der Redaktion - Das Wetter in der aktuellsten Form mit unseren HD Live Wetterkameras erleben! - Moderierte Wettervideos aus unserem Studio, kompetent moderiert von unseren Meteorologen - Unwetterwarnungen für Ihre Stadt, auch per Push Nachricht sobald eine Warnung herausgegeben wird - Live-Ticker zu spannenden Wetterlagen direkt von den Meteorologen aus unserer Redaktion - Vorhersage für beliebig viele Orte weltweit ... - ... oder ganz automatisch für Ihren aktuellen Standort! Die App funktioniert sowohl auf dem iPhone als auch auf dem iPad. Wir arbeiten schon an den nächsten Versionen mit vielen tollen Funktionen. Lassen Sie uns im Hauptmenü der App bei "Hilfe & Support" wissen, welche Funktion Ihnen am wichtigsten ist. Wir freuen uns sehr über konstruktives Feedback und positive Bewertungen. Beachten Sie, dass wir nicht auf die Bewertungen antworten können. Verwenden Sie für Support Anfragen bitte die Kontaktmöglichkeit in der App. Vielen Dank und viel Freude bei der Benutzung unserer Wetter App! Hinweis: Dauerhafte Nutzung von GPS im Hintergrund kann die Akkulaufzeit beeinträchtigen.
Get your weather when it really matters™ with The Weather Network app for iPad. Accurate and easy-to-use, you’ll always have the forecast at your fingertips with the most in-depth weather news thanks to the detailed editorial coverage and videos. Key features: - Detailed weather forecasts including current, short term, long term, hourly forecasts and 14 day trends. These forecasts are updated every 15 minutes to ensure accuracy and reliability - Severe weather and storm alerts to notify you when a storm is heading your way. Users will see a red banner on the affected cities and regions and can click-thru for more info - Multiple map layers, including radar, satellite, lightning and traffic flow - Follow-me functionality, automatically detecting the forecast within 1km of your location - Available in English and French, based on your device settingsTips: - Swipe left on current conditions to access yesterday’s high & low - The icon on the top right provides a simple list (menu) of all the content available on the app, as well as app settings and FAQs - Swipe left on the current conditions to get more forecast data, like wind speed and direction, humidity, cloud ceiling and more - Add a location by tapping the city name at the top, center of your screen. Or, you can add a location by pressing the + icon within the map view - To get the optimal experience with our maps, tap and pinch to explore Please send feedback to – we’d love to hear from you! You can also visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.The Weather Network - Your Weather When It Really Matters™.
The Weather Network for iPad app review: in-depth weather details
Check your humidity!Feel the design of analog sensibility everyday. This 'Hygrometer' app will tell you the outside humidity at your current location. - Simple Design - Humidity data by - Universal app (iPhone/iPad) - Optimized for iOS 9. - Optimized for iPhone6s/6s+ - Support iPad Pro - Support watchOS 2if you need help please contact us at and give us a chance to help you. 
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Alert and browse the latest earthquakes around the world based on real-time USGS data. The alerts are configurable based on an earthquake's magnitude and distance from your current location. You can mute earthquakes that happen in the middle of the ocean. There are additional toggles so you can override your location filtering settings for all magnitude 6+, magnitude 5+, or possible tsunami-producing earthquakes.In the table view, can view and filter by distance, magnitude, and time all earthquakes that have occurred in the past 24 hours or 30 days. There is a magnitude slider to filter the earthquakes neatly. Tap any earthquake to see which cities are closest to the epicenter. An Apple Watch app with advanced notifications is also included. The app displays the most recent magnitude 3 or above earthquake that has occurred in the past 24 hours worldwide. The advanced notifications show the epicenter of an earthquake on a map together with the standard alert text.A reliable earthquake location, magnitude, and depth are usually alerted within 3-5 minutes for continental USA earthquakes, and within 30 minutes for worldwide earthquakes.This app also includes a real-time embedded Twitter stream of quality earthquake news sources.
The best iPhone apps for earthquake alerts
All of the air quality information you want, in one place. AirVisual provides real-time and forecast air pollution and weather data for more than 6,000 cities around the world. Features: + Historical, Real-time, and Forecast Air Pollution Data: detailed figures on key pollutants for more than 6,000+ cities in 40+ countries.+ 72-hour Air Pollution and Weather Forecasts: information to help you plan your outdoor activities. Wind direction and wind speed forecasts to understand the wind impact on the pollution.+ Health Recommendations: follow our advice to lower your health risk and achieve minimum exposure to pollutants. Relevant information for sensitive groups with asthma or other respiratory (pulmonary) diseases. + Weather Information: your one stop for temperature, humidity, current conditions and forecast weather information.+ Monitor your own air quality with AirVisual Node air quality monitor+ World Map: explore real-time pollution indexes around the globe in a panoramic view.+ Live Monitoring of 6 Key Pollutants: track real time concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide.+ Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: Synchronization with AirVisual Nodes to provide indoor readings and recommendations.+ “Sensitive Group” Air Quality Information: relevant information and forecasts for sensitive groups, including those with respiratory (pulmonary) illnesses, such as asthma. + Historical Data Graphs: view short-term air pollution trends for the past 24 hours.+ Share Air Quality Information with Friends: screenshot and share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, or email.+ Air Pollution Community News: stay up to date on air pollution current events, medical findings and breaking news - updated daily. + Educational Resources: build your understanding of PM2.5 and other air pollutants in the community section. Learn how best to live in polluted environments with respiratory (pulmonary) illnesses such as asthma.+ Enjoy Interactive Feedback: Have a question? Send us a message and get answers. Our in-app forum delivers human interaction between air pollution community members.+ Ad-Free: enjoy the full app nuisance-free.+ Trusted Air Quality Stations: access US Embassy & US Consulate readings for China. Survive the Airpocalypse in China with trusted data.+ Growing Coverage: monitor China (with US Embassy and consulate AQI), India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Turkey, Poland, Peru, the Netherlands, Mongolia + more - and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Daegu, Daejong, Mumbai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Mexico City, Bangkok, London, Los Angeles, New York, and 6,000 others - in one place!
The air in China sucks. We hate it too. So we built an app with the mission of helping you survive & thrive in heavily polluted China. Airpocalypse combines the AQI and the weather forecast and serves up daily advice for how to make the most of your day. ***FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME***Key Features: + AQI Reading - from the US consulate where possible + Air Description - we feel your pain on bad days and share your excitement on good ones. + Weather Forecast - current and next three day forecast + Daily Advice - to help make the most of your day - based on the weather, air, city, date, time, and a host other factors + Aesthetically Pleasing - the air in China has never looked this good + Minimalist Design - everything you need to know and nothing more + Vivid Colors - taking into consideration AQI, temperature and time + Fun Icons - trust us - they’re fun + Feels Like Temperature - because the humidity in summer matters + App Icon badge - can display AQI for your current city if you are too lazy to open the app + Celsius & Fahrenheit - yup, we have them both NEW FEATURES: + Easy sharing on social networks + A fancy new widget for the notifications centerComing Soon: + Photo sharingCities Currently Supported: + Beijing + Chengdu + Chongqing + Guangzhou + Haikou + Hangzhou + Harbin + Hong Kong + Jinan + Kunming + Shanghai + Shenyang + Shijiazhuang + Tianjin + Xi'An
Finally a beautiful and simple way to view tides on your mobile device! In addition to worldwide tidal estimates, you can see the lunar data, weather forecast, and current radar making your next outdoor adventure as easy to plan as possible. By default, the application will pick the closest station to you, but picking a different station is as easy as viewing a map of your current location. You can also setup and quickly switch between many stored favorite stations if you need to. No internet access while outdoors? No problem. This app has been designed to give you tidal and lunar predictions without internet access! It even includes a “Today Extension” so you can get the data you need without opening the app.Now with Apple Watch support!
Tide Charts Near Me app review: get clear view of tides on your mobile device
Stay connected to the latest in weather forecasting with AccuWeather – Weather for Life. This free, award winning weather app now includes crowdsourcing with AccUcast™ and features AccuWeather MinuteCast®, available for more countries and for more minutes than any other minute-by-minute precipitation forecast. Supporting Apple Watch™, this app offers the same world-class, synchronized app experience across all your iOS devices. • AccUcast™ – Become part of the forecast by sharing your weather observations to help people in your community stay safe from hazardous weather and road conditions. View the real-time crowdsourced map with weather conditions submitted by users all over the world in a global animation display.• AccuWeather MinuteCast® – minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours hyper-localized to your exact street address or GPS location. Includes precipitation type and intensity, and start and end times for precipitation. Available for the contiguous United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and a growing list of global locations. • Apple Watch Support – featuring AccuWeather MinuteCast, current conditions details, and severe weather alerts. When there is a severe weather alert for your favorite location, you will be notified by a tap sensation from the Watch and a low audible sound. Current conditions details include location, temperature and high and low for the day, wind speed, times for sunrise or sunset, and RealFeel Temperature® – AccuWeather’s proprietary forecast that shows the user how the temperature actually feels outside to a person in that exact location. • Option to automatically download the app to all of your iOS devices.• Widgets available so you can see a summary of what you can expect from the day’s weather on your Today screen in the Notification Center, includes AccuWeather MinuteCast. • Pushed severe weather alerts to keep you out of the storm. • Immediately descriptive weather animations illustrating the weather forecast for right now, each of the next 72 hours, and each of the next 15 days.• Animated weather radar and maps for tracking the storm’s path. Weather radar available in the United States, Canada, Northern Europe, and Japan.• Top-Trending weather videos from AccuWeather's Video Wall. • Forecasting for all your favorite locations – every location on Earth. Other popular features include: • Your Daily Snapshot shown front-and-center when you open the app – a summary of what you can expect from the day’s weather.• The Local Forecast Summary, a brief summary of what you can expect from the weather over the next 3-5 days for your location.• Customizable current weather conditions detail – hide the detail that you don’t care about.• Option to select persistent GPS tracking to get your current weather data as quickly as possible. (Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)• Interactive elements highlighted throughout the app for easy navigation. Download AccuWeather – Weather for Life today for free and experience the Superior Accuracy™ that comes from high-quality weather forecasting across your iOS devices.
The best iPad apps for camping
Live free in the Sun! An elegant, modern and FREE solution for showing the Sunrise, Sunset, First and Last Light times TO THE MINUTE for EXACTLY where YOU are right now - not the "closest" city. The app also shows exactly how much daylight is left in the day - in a large, easy to read display - so you can plan ahead to the last ray of sunlight. Optimised specifically for iOS10, iOS9 and iOS8, iPhone and iPad - for one price! It shows: • Sunrise time • Sunset time • First Light time (Dawn) • Last Light time (Twilight) • Counts down the amount of daylight left in the day until last light • At night, counts down the time left until the first light of the new day • Counts down days, hours and minutes left until the shortest and longest days • Dates of the equinox and solstice • See the Sunrise, Sunset, First and Last light times for any day in the future. • Length of daylight for today - or any day in the future. • Percentage of the day or night completed. • Correctly handles Daylight Savings time. • GPS access is not required. • Full HD iPhone and iPad support. • Landscape support on iPad.An indispensable tool for those who don't want to waste a moment of the day - or the night! • Advertising is displayed in this app in order to cover costs. A large button is provided to remove it. • We wrote this app for ourselves, but love sharing it and getting your positive feedback. Visit our support site to give us feedback - thank you in advance for your great ratings and reviews :)
Stay informed, entertained and in touch with the AOL app.Get fast-loading AOL Mail, trending videos and today’s headlines from your smartphone or tablet with the AOL app. Receive instant push notifications for breaking news and real-time email messages. Plus, check your AOL email, send messages, manage your inbox and access all your AOL and phone contacts. All that AOL brings you, now better than ever.AOL Mail Fast-loading, with new tools that save you time • Instantly manage your AOL Mail from anywhere • See the number of unread email messages right on your home screen • Access all your AOL and phone contacts easily, in one place • Swipe to delete, move, mark or flag emails • Tap just once to empty all trash and spamAOL News Today’s news, sports, weather and trending headlines - all in the AOL app • Read news and stories from popular sites like MovieFone, TechCrunch, StyleList, The Huffington Post, Daily Finance and AOL Sports • Stay up to date with all the latest 2016 Election news • Get instant push notifications for breaking news storiesAOL Video • Whether it’s informative or for a quick LOL, enjoy video clips about what interests you most • Find the top news stories, hottest entertainment buzz, and even funny pet videos • Share your favorites with family and friends via AOL email, Facebook and TwitterAnd... • Share articles, videos and more via AOL email, Facebook and Twitter • Tap to check weather in your locationManage Ad Choices:
AOL: Mail, News, Weather & Video app review: stay on top of the news
WILX on iPhone has been updated. The latest News, Weather and Sports is available on the all-new WILX iPhone App. With just a few simple touches, you can get the latest information and updates, or share them with family and friends by e-mail, text message, and even on Facebook and Twitter.Requires iOS 8 or higher.
Accurate worldwide wind forecast!Windy - is a handy application for wind-addicts, providing accurate and clear worldwide wind and wave forecast. A must have for kiteboarders, windsurfers, yachtsmen, skydivers, paragliders, bicyclists, fishermen and rc-pilots. Now WINDY is a must have for surfers as we have added waves!Windy features: - global wind and weather forecast for the next 10 days with 3 hours step (like windguru GFS27 ) - wave height and period forecast - real wind data from more over 22,000 weather stations around the world - interactive wind and weather map - you can see how the wind is blowing on the map - over 30.000 spots with ratings in the database - easy to use spot search via map and spot or location name - create new spots - spot chat and messages between surfersWindy advantages: - Created by wind-addicted for wind-addicted! - Nice and simple interface!Windy roadmap: - tides - higher resolution and accuracy of forecast (WRF, NAM) - notifications for good conditions on favorite spots - spot voting and rating - wind energy and blowingCreated by kite addicted for wind addicted in designed style and simple interface! We are open to all your wishes and advices and wait your feedback and recommendations to be the better wind sport application. Follow us on Facebook:
Weather Underground for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is your everything weather app. Powered by our network of 200,000+ personal weather stations, this app provides hyper-local forecasts and current conditions, interactive radar, customizable alerts, and much more to ensure you’re always prepared for whatever the weather brings.CURRENT CONDITIONS • Get current conditions from local weather stations or drop a pin in your neighborhood • Stay updated with the best weather data including temperature, “feels like”, wind speed and direction, today’s rain accumulation, humidity, dew point, visibility, and pressure • Swipe through hour-by-hour and 10-day forecasts including chance of precipitation and daily weather summaries • Compare today’s weather with local historical data • Report local weather and hazards to help your community • Monitor air quality, UV risk, and local flu outbreaks with the Health tile • Know when first and last light will happen with the Sunrise/Sunset tile INTERACTIVE MAP • View the weather map’s improved layers including weather stations, radar, satellite, heat map, rain accumulation, crowd reports and more • Scroll through time with our interactive play-bar for radar and satellite • Track global storms on the Hurricane and Tropical Storm tileAPPLE WATCH Get all your weather data at a glance with Weather Underground for Apple Watch. Quickly view current conditions, hourly and 10-day forecasts from local weather stations, and stay ahead of the storm with severe weather alerts and radar. WIDGETS, ALERTS, & MORE! • View weather at a glance in your notification center with forecast and radar widgets for iOS 8 • Keep an eye out for extreme weather with severe weather alerts • Discover real-time weather on webcams around the world • View stunning weather photos with the WunderPhotos tile • Access Weather Underground’s wealth of online resources including ski reports, infographics, scientific discussion and more • Geek out with the weather radio tile • Customize your experience with light & dark modes, map types, units and rearrangeable tiles “Weather Underground combines a slick design with a focus on really useful weather information.” - PC Magazine“What really helps this weather app stand out is its “hyper-local” data from enthusiast weather stations around the world." - TIME MagazineAbout Weather Underground: Founded in 1995 as the first online weather service, Weather Underground supplies weather data solutions to the many of the leading media companies and millions of users across the globe through their mobile apps and website With over 200,000 personal weather stations worldwide, Weather Underground is able to provide meaningful and reliable weather data to people in real-time. Weather Underground is part of the Weather Company and based in San Francisco, California.
The best iPad apps for weather
Earthquake! is a quake application that based on multiple data sources. With this app, you can get the latest earthquake info immediately from all over the world. Also, you can search the earthquakes occurred in the past. Main Features: - 18 Earthquake data sources, Covers the frequent occurrence of the earthquake area in the world. * [USGS] U.S.Geological Survey * [EMSC] EU Mediterranean Earthquake Centre * [CEIC] China Earthquake Center * [GFZ] Ger Potsdam Earthquake Center * [CWB] Taiwan Central Weather Bureau * [JMA] Japan Meteorological Agency * [INGV] Italy Geophysics Institute * [BGS] British Geological Survey * [CHI] Chile Earthquake Center * [TUR] Turkish Disaster and Emergency center * [IRSC] Iranian Seismological Center * [CAN] Natural Resources Canada * [AUS] Geoscience Australia * [NZL] New Zealand Earthquake Commission * [PHIVOLCS] Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology * [ROU] Romanian National Institute for Earth Physics * [OVSICORI] Costa Rica, the National University * [BMKG] Indonesia The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics - Real-time push notification of earthquake over 4.0 magnitude. - Customize your notifications by magnitude,"receive time" and distance threshold , easy to use. - Filter earthquakes by magnitude/region/depth. - Perfect real-time algorithm to achieve all of the data source unified display (non-duplication of data), data source select "ALL". - Support detail information display. - Full GMap integration. - Provide a uniform view shows the same earthquake of different sources. - Provide historical data with earthquake in 300 km range. - the Global (Worldwide) Search, Support magnitude, time interval and depth, with flexible sort. - Sharing detailed screenshots of maps and vital details to anyone by Facebook/Twitter/Google+/E-Mail... - Support Epicentral distance (GPS positioning or custom) - Mass historical data. - Support for personal collection. - "Pull to load more data" in the List Tab. - View details on source site. - Applications built-in web browser support.
The best iPhone apps for earthquake alerts
¡SkyAlert Evoluciona! Te presentamos la versión 2.9 con nuevas secciones y zonas de cobertura de alertamiento sísmico. NUEVO: • AHORA recibirás GRATIS las alertas sísmicas emitidas por SkyAlert a partir de intensidad Débil (2)• Al suscribirte podrás personalizar tus propias alertas sísmicas eligiendo la intensidad mínima con la que deseas ser alertado dependiendo donde vivas.• Se ha ampliado la cobertura de nuestra red de detección sísmica a: - Jalisco - Colima - Oaxaca - ChiapasA demás de los estados en donde ya teníamos cobertura: - Ciudad de México - Estado de México - Puebla - Morelos - Michoacan - Guerrero - Tlaxcala• Notification Center: Verás en orden cronológico cualquier notificación que SkyAlert emita para que las veas todas en cualquier momento• SkyAlert también te envía gratis alertas de: - Tormentas - Contingencias ambientales - Volcanes - Terremotos del mundo - Tips de prevención - Alertas de Tsunami Nota: Si eres usuario suscrito podrás activar y desactivar esta nueva función cuando tú quierasFunciones completas de la appSkyAlert Emergency Contacts (EMC), lo último en tecnología de prevención! Conoce la ubicación y cómo se encuentran tus contactos después de un sismo. • Publica en redes sociales y notifica de forma inmediata a tus EMC cuando te encuentres en cualquier situación de emergencia.• SkyAlert EMC se sincroniza con Facebook, así podrás agregar a cualquiera de tus contactos a nuestro nuevo sistema de prevención. - Los usuarios no suscritos podrán tener un contacto totalmente gratis. - Los usuarios suscritos podrán agregar hasta seis contactos.• Notificaciones Múltiples - Recibe varias notificaciones en tu celular y entérate de los aumentos de intensidades de un sismo en tiempo real. • REDSSA Feed - Entérate en tiempo real de las intensidades registradas en cada población donde la Red De Detección Sísmica SkyAlert tiene sensores. • Entérate de sismos de México y el mundo con renovado diseño. Utiliza el módulo de números emergencia para que la Policía, Bomberos, Cruz Roja, Protección Civil o Locatel te auxilien cuando lo necesites. Se cambian automáticamente dependiendo la localidad en la que encuentres. (Exclusivo para México) • Observa, monitorea y disfruta “en vivo" al Volcán Popocatépetl a través de las webcams.• Descubre al volcán más activo de México, el Volcán de Colima, con la nueva webcam.• Entérate de las noticias más importantes al momento que se generen en nuestra renovada sección de noticias. • Programa un simulacro en el momento que desees y conoce el sonido oficial.SkyAlert, la aplicación más confiable y descargada en México, que te protege a ti y a tu familia.
iEarthquakes is App to provide the natural disasters; Earthquake, Tsunami Data feeds from official weather around the world.Portray Mode to display location of the natural disaster. Located your location on the map. Ability to see how far away from disaster’s location.USER REVIEW: "Good app -This is my go to app, for earthquake info . Fast and accurate." Lolo G-ma"Great apps -I just purchased the push notification option in the app, (awesome).Keep up the good work.Thanks" Clown fish 1871"#1 Earth quake App -Fast loading,easy quick to read and comprehend. I've had perhaps 12 Earthquake apps in the past 6years and I've deleted all but this one. This is the best EARTHQUAKE app." Dusty RoadzFeature: - 7-day and real time update - Display Map in Portray mode - Ability to search for all entry - Display location where you can avoid trouble near by. - Fetch North America’s earthquake from USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) - Fetch European’s earthquake from EMSC (European Mediterranean Seismological Centre)Alert View:- Earthquake. - Tsunamis.Share a quick message:- Twitter. - Facebook. - Send Email.
The best iPhone apps for earthquake alerts
Download Weather Fine now and access local weather alerts, storm alerts, and storm tracker in the most visually stunning FREE weather app on Appstore!Everyone wants fine weather every day so they can do their daily activities freely. Bad weather, rains, and storms, can hugely effect our ability to travel and perform our planned activity.Knowing what to expect will greatly diminish our chance to be caught in storms, rains, or other bad weather. This is why we always have to have an accurate weather tracker app on our phone. Our storm alerts is crucial if you live or plan to travel to the area where storms are frequent occurrence and you need a reliable storm tracker app. Weather Fine is indispensable for everyone to plan their activities according to the latest weather forecast, and especially for travelers who want information about the place they are going to visit. WEATHER FINE – WEATHER ALERTS, LOCAL FORECAST, RAIN ALERT, AND STORM TRACKING FEATURES:• FREE to use. Download and access local weather forecasts completely FREE anywhere you are. • Reliable data collected from 3,500 local stations around the world that will give up to 95% accurate forecast for local weather alerts. • BEST looking weather app on iOS. Enjoy our visually stunning app design and HD quality background images depicting the force of nature. • 10 day weather tracking to help you plan your activity accordingly. • Automatic location detection when you enable Location Services. Simply open our app and it will automatically detect your location and display local weather alerts and current information for you. • Important information such as: chance of rain, humidity rate, range of visibility, wind speed, and air pressure. • Monitor the current temperature with our temperature monitor function. • Get storm alerts with our storm tracker function to notify you when there’s a chance of storm. • Works around the world. Whenever you are, if you can access the network, you will be able to access the latest weather tracking information, storm alerts, and other local weather information. • Different display for different location. Our app adjusts our display according to the current weather at your current location. Weather Fine collects data from over 35,000 local stations that provide accurate information regarding local weather alerts.Weather Fine has the most outstanding weather app design on the Appstore with our 3D Touch and HD quality background. Enjoy our visually stunning graphic every time you open our weather alert app to check on the local weather alerts.Simply open our weather tracker app and it will automatically detects your location and display every relevant local forecasts data. You can access information regarding humidity rate, wind speed, temperature monitor, chance of rain, and even 10 day weather forecasts all in our app. We are constantly working on our weather tracking app to bring more great features for our users and fixes any bugs so our weather tracking app can work smoothly on any iOS device. Just because we have fine weather, it can last forever. Knowing what to expect regarding local weather and plan accordingly is the recipe for success for any activity and event. With our 10 day weather forecast, temperature monitor, storm alerts, information regarding chance of rain, visibility range, wind speed, and humidity rate, we provide the most comprehensive local weather data for our users. Love our weather tracking app? Got a comment, question, or feedback? We love to hear from our users. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any issue, or just to say hi at our email ( We will also appreciate any support in the form of rating and review so we can keep updating our app with the latest features. Check out our other apps at
'MyWorldWeather' is a mobile version of the WWIS. It is equipped with location-based technology to detect the location where the user is located and to provide users with official city weather forecast automatically.The World Weather Information Service (WWIS) website is the first and the only one global website presenting OFFICIAL weather observations, weather forecasts and climatological information for selected cities provided by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) worldwide. WWIS aims to provide authoritative and reliable weather information of NMHSs around the world to all internet users and media. The WWIS website was developed and maintained by the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). By 2012, around 130 members supply official weather forecasts for over 1,600 cities on the WWIS.
Surfline gives you access to the best real-time surf reports, long range swell, and weather forecasts for all your favorite surf spots. Access more than 300 live surf and beach cameras streaming realtime, in hi-definition, 24/7/365. Surfline's expert team of meteorologists and surf forecasters provide you with the most accurate surf reports and forecasts for thousands of surf spots worldwide. Surfline also produces award-winning surf and ocean news, stories, videos, and photos delivered multiple times per day. Surfline offers an annual and monthly Premium subscription that provides members with the ultimate user experience.Surfline Premium User Benefits:300+ Live Streaming HD Cameras - Premium users get realtime ad-free video streams of all your favorite surf spots including world famous surf breaks such as Pipeline, Waimea Bay, the Wedge, Mavericks, Teahupoo and Uluwatu. Non-premium users receive ad-supported streams.Daily Surf Reports - Know when the wind turns offshore, when the swell will arrive, what the water temp is and what time the tide drops. Our global team of reporters, surf forecasters and meteorologists provide users with the best daily surf report information available. Our teams interpret all the data to bring you the most accurate reports and forecasts, multiple times per day.Long Range Swell Forecasts - Our proprietary surf forecasting models provide an accurate detailed forecast for your breaks so you can perfectly time your next surf. Premium Members are the first to know with 17-day surf forecasts updated daily created by our expert meteorology team updated daily. Non-premium users receive 3-day surf forecasts.Personalized Surf Experience - Save and organize your favorite surf cams and swell forecasts all in one place with quick, easy access.Surf Entertainment - Premium users get access to the best surfing videos, photos and stories available. There's no better place to read, watch and see surfing. Be inspired, entertained, informed and a part of surfing culture wherever you are in the world.Premium Member Discounts - We've partnered with our favorite surf shops and travel destinations to bring you exclusive discounts on gear and trips, from surfboards to wetsuits, lodging and more. Know before you go. Hit download now and sign up for Premium today. — Surfline Premium purchase small print — Payment for Surfline Premium entitles you to Surfline Premium usage and its features. Surfline Premium is an auto-renewable subscription which will renew yearly at $69.99 or monthly at $12.99 depending on the plan you’ve selected. You can view your current plan within your iTunes account. After a 15-day free trial, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account.Sales through Apple iTunes will be governed by Apple’s refund policy. We value all our customers and encourage everyone to provide feedback on their experience. Please direct all feedback to support@surfline.comFull terms and conditions can be found here and
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Download the most popular free weather app powered by the largest professional weather network in the world! Our weather network delivers the fastest alerts and the best real-time forecasts (current, hourly and 10-day).“I love WeatherBug! It’s always accurate & is the first place I go for up-to-the minute weather!” –iOS UserIt's easy to use and has 18 different weather maps including Doppler radar, lightning, wind, temperature, alerts, pressure, and humidity. Join millions who rely on WeatherBug every day! NEW FEATURES • Ability to see current weather conditions on your Apple Watch face • Several performance and stability enhancements TRACK ANY CONDITION • North American Doppler Radar: See Doppler radar across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Alaska & Hawaii • PulseRad® radar: Get radar for many international locations using patented Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® technology. • Real-Time Pinpoint Forecasts: Get the most accurate current, hourly and 10-day weather forecasts • Enhanced Interactive Map: Visualize weather conditions with 18 weather maps • Spark Lightning Alerts: Your personal lightning detector, Spark gives you minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lightning proximity alerts • Real-Time Traffic Conditions: View current traffic conditions to better plan your day • Apple Watch Support: Get vital weather information directly on your Apple Watch, including alerts, glances, and complications • Lifestyle Forecasts: Know how weather will impact your sports games, workouts, allergies, chronic pain and much more • Hurricane Center: Stay informed of all hurricane forecasts and changing conditions to protect you and your loved ones LARGEST WEATHER NETWORK • Forecasts for 2.6 million+ locations worldwide • Largest total lightning detection network • 10,000+ professional-grade weather stations • Live weather & traffic cameras FASTEST WEATHER ALERTS • Get notified of severe weather 50% faster with our exclusive Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts • Receive all National Weather Service watches and warnings CONNECTED SAVINGS • Find out how the weather will impact your home energy usage given the current weather conditions • Connect your Wi-Fi thermostat or utility account for insights tailored to your usage Be prepared. Know Before™. Download the app used and loved by millions, voted the “Best Weather App for iPads” by AppPicker, and “Best App for Moms” by Parent Magazine - WeatherBug!
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Mizzle makes bad weather less awful and good weather even better! It's the weather app for iOS 7! It keeps it simple, clean & beautiful. With an animated background and neat icons, it gives a special spin to checking the weather!The Forecast: - Weather Conditions - Temperature - Rain in mm per 3 hours - Humidity - Sunrise & Sunset - Cloudiness - Wind Speed - Wind Direction - PressureThe Places & Forecasts Pack (in-app purchase): Forecasts... - adds 3 hourly forecasts for the Precipitation, Temperature & Wind - adds a 14 day, daily forecast Places... - Search by town & city name - Search your contacts and Mizzle uses the chosen address as a forecast locationSpread the word! - Facebook - - Twitter - @mizzleapp - mail - - website - www.mizzleapp.comWeather data - openweathermap.orgThis app was developed & designed by Luca Silverentand, 16 year old App Designer from the Netherlands
The FEMA app is your one-stop-shop with tools and tips to keep you safe before, during, and after disasters. Stay updated with weather-related alerts from the U.S. National Weather Service. Upload and share your disaster photos to help out emergency managers. Save a custom list of the items in your family’s emergency kit, as well as the places you will meet in case of an emergency. Get tips on what to do before, during, and after over 20 types of disasters. And locate open shelters and where to talk to FEMA in person at Disaster Recovery Centers. Terms of use:
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•••• More than 50,000 active monthly users! •••• • Over 5,000,000 push notifications each month! • •••••• 500,000 downloads. Thanks a lot!! ••••••# THE BEST Earthquake App in the App Store! # Reached TOP 10 in Weather Category in More Than 80 countries! # FREE push notifications for multiple locations!===================================== Why is our app better than other apps? =====================================# We keep improving Earthquake+ all the time, so you get more and more features.We have added many features over past 2 years and with your feedback we have made Earthquake+ THE BEST earthquake app in the world!# You can register many places of interest to receive FREE push notifications for the selected locations.You can add locations by searching them by name on Add My Place screen or by touching and holding the map.# The only app in the App Store to display volcanic activity. Show active volcanoes by turning on this option via Menu | Map Options screen.There is a connection between earthquakes and volcanoes, we would like our users to be aware of not only seismic, but also volcanic activity in their region.# One of a few apps to display tectonic plates boundaries (via Menu | Map Options).See where the tectonic plates are rubbing each other - maybe this is in your backyard!# The only app in the store to show nuclear power plants (via Menu | Map Options).Interested if there are any nuclear plants where the last earthquake hit? Check it out now!# The only app in the store to display seismic stations (via Menu | Map Options).Want to know where the stations collecting the seismic data are? Easy with Earthquake+!# App uses many global data sources: - US Geological Survey (USGS), - European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), - GeoScience Australia, - GeoNet (NZ), - Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (GFZ), - Natural Resources Canada (NRC), - British Geological Survey (BGS).No matter what locations of interest you chose there will be an up-to-date earthquake data for you.# App supports multiple languagesIf your native language is not English, but Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, French or Russian, we have translated the app so you can navigate it with ease.# iPad supportIf your have an iPad, we made our app work on larger screen for you to have a bigger map so you can see more earthquakes at once.# Seamless SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter integrationBe social - let other people know about earthquakes! You can comment on an event, share it or mark it as "Felt" to let your friends and relatives know you are OK.# Standard, Satellite and Hybrid mapsYou can switch between Standard, Satellite and Hybrid maps to see where exactly the earthquake's epicentre was.# The app shows the list and the map of all noticeable (magnitude 4.0 and above) earthquakes for the whole world and of any earthquake activity for your locations of interest.If you missed an alert you will be able to see recent earthquakes and their details.# You can customize search filter or alert settings (available via in-app-purchase) to make the app even more useful.If you do not want to see too many earthquakes or receive too many alerts you can easily change this.# Set custom sounds for the alerts (available via in-app-purchase).# You can sort the list of recent earthquakes by Date, Magnitude, Distance or Depth.If you want to look at the strongest or the closest earthquakes for the past week - you can easily do it!# You can look at seismic activity history (available via in-app-purchase) by changing Period End Date in Custom Filter section.===================================== Download Earthquake+ now!!! =====================================
The best iPhone apps for earthquake alerts
MyWeather is a beautifully crafted weather app providing you with realtime temperature, AQI, 10-day forecast and accurate time-trend. Powerful weather forecast, covering 50000+ cities. Specially for iPhone & iPad, multiple well-designed themes.= Special Feature = · Precise data: 10-day forecast, time-trend, multiple data sources, covering 50000+ cities worldwide· Powerful Notification: Get realtime temperature and AQI through app icon, instant notification of today & tomorrow’s weather forecast, disaster warning· Themes: Well-designed themes, classic, dark, vivid, pixels or tradition· Forecast Lists: Display your friends’ cities on the same screen· Multi-platform: Supports iPhone & iPad, specially optimized for differernt screen sizes· Apple Watch: Clear and concise structure, suitable and effienct for wrist equipment· Multi-language: Simplified Chinese, Taiwan & HK Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and French, meet your language habits· Sharing: multiple ways to share, you can also write your mood, making communication full of funProudly by Clover* You could enable "Update Push City in Background" in app settings. The app will update your current location every 6 hours. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Ever needed to know what the current wind speed and direction is where you are at? Want to know how windy it is outside without having to run out there and throw some grass in the air? Now you can with the Wind Compass!Wind Compass gets your current location and then the current weather conditions based on that location. No fuss, no configuration, just quick weather readouts.Current options include the ability to switch Wind Speed reading between Miles/hour or Kilometers/hour or Knots or Beaufort Wind Force or Meters Per Second Select Compass north from True North or Magnetic North Select Temperature from Fahrenheit or Celsius Select the Arrow direction of the Wind Indicator from Blowing To or Coming FromAlong with your wind info, Wind Compass also displays: Current Temperature as well as the Estimated Highs and Lows for that day. Sunrise/Sunset times as well as the "First Light" and "Last light" times for that day (Also known as Nautical Twilight Start and End) 24 Hour Forecast as well as 7 Day Forecast showing Time, Estimated Temperature, Estimated Wind Speed and Direction and % Chance of precipitation.You can also change the look of the app by selecting from the many different background types including standard colored backgrounds, as well as backgrounds like a map showing your current location, an overlay showing what your rear camera sees, and even a color gradient that auto adjusts from warm to cool based on the temperature of where you are!Wind Compass uses the Weather data to provide accurate conditions where you are. Just open the app, let it update, and there you go. uses many sources and creates as accurate of a forecast as possible for your location.As an added bonus, Wind Compass shows you which way is North so if you are inside or turned around, you can always know which way is north, along with the current wind direction.If you have any issues with Wind Compass please email to quickly get the issue resolved.You can also submit a feature request or bug report right from inside the settings area! I cannot respond to reviews so leaving a 1 star review of "it didn't work" doesn't help anyone.*NOTE* Compass functionality within the app requires physical compass functionality built in. iPods can still get direction info but the compass will not update real time.*NOTE* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.CreditsWind Icon designed by Adam Whitcroft from The Noun Project ( Information Powered by Dark Sky
Discover the most beautiful places with the Las Vegas tripwolf guide - your guide with offline map! Get to know Las Vegas even before your arrival and plan your trip to get the most out of your vacation, guaranteed. Thanks to offline maps, you don’t need an internet connection on the road, but you still have everything you need right there with you.AT A GLANCE + Free preview with the possibility to upgrade + Plan your trip with the trip planner and create your own location + Offline maps for all travel guides that can be used at any time + Get to know the highlights of Las Vegas – thanks to recommendations from FODOR'S TRAVEL + Navigation to your next point on the map + You have more than one device? Starting now, you can sync all of your purchases and trips (!), even between different platforms. Together with TripAdvisor, an unbeatable team. Hard-copy travel guides? These days, you just don’t need them. 5 stars, Klaus StephanSuper travel guides, once again the tips were awesome for my summer vacation. No regrets buying the full version with all the travel guides. 5 stars, thattravelguyI like it! Why? I downloaded Copenhagen for next year. EVERYTHING worth knowing about the city is in there. Very good and clearly sorted. 5 stars, Micha H.//////////////////IN DETAIL The Las Vegas travel guide is available in 2 LANGUAGES: English and German.RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FODOR'S TRAVEL On the hunt for the highlights of your destination? A huge selection of attractions, restaurants, hotels, museums, theaters and bars is right at your fingertips. So there's no obstacle to successful planning!PREVIEW FOR YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE Get a preview for each of your travel guides, and test out all the functions (offline maps, trip planner, navigation, travel tips…) for yourself. FUNCTIONS 100% OFFLINE Once you've downloaded your guide for offline use, you have unrestricted access, even without internet. The city map, trip planner and even content such as attractions, restaurants, pictures and other travel information are downloaded too. No more roaming!TRAVEL PLANNER FOR ON THE ROAD Organize your personal (city) trip with our trip planner. Just enter the best restaurants, attractions, hotels, bars and other highlights into your tour, and make the best possible use of your time. New now: add a desired location that’s not marked by tripwolf directly onto the map.NAVIGATION: WE’LL SHOW YOU THE WAY Never get lost again, and let the app show you the way to your next destination. Sightseeing just got fun! Standing at the airport and don't have a clue how to get to the hotel? Type in your hotel on the map and select navigation to see the path on the map.ATTRACTIONS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, CLUBS & MORE Dig up the most exciting places in different cities, regions and countries: discover unique attractions and insider tips from the community. On top of all that, there's also the necessary information like opening times, contact details and prices.IN YOUR AREA Find the important services in your area, such as public transportation, ATMs, and wifi hotspots, on the offline map. BOOK YOUR TOUR DIRECTLY VIA TRIPWOLF Don't want to discover your surroundings alone, and would rather join a tour or find the best deals in town? No problem. With tripwolf, you can book your tour or purchase your tickets directly through the app with GetYourGuide.Have feedback or questions? Our mailbox is always open! Send us an email anytime at and we’ll get back to you.
Taking advantage of the built-in accelerometer in your iPhone and iPad, Seismometer 6th detects and visualizes any vibrations and moves of the device. So, why not using this excellent feature to help your iPhone/iPad self-protected like a car when combined with an alarm? Or another great application is to test how smooth the car is on a test drive. And of course, why not earthquake detection as well? This must-have tool is highlighted with a polished design and many superior features which a seismometer ever needs.Features - Export data via email - Measure vibrations in x-, y-, z-direction or the combination of those at the same time - Selectable sample rates from 20Hz to 100Hz - Linear and logarithmic graph scales - Alarm function with 3 levels of sensitivities - Customizable alarm sounds - Show/hide time-lines - Lock and unlock modes - Retinal ready, just more beautiful on retina iPhone and iPad - Universal binary, download once and it runs beautifully both on iPhone and iPad Visit for more information and products-- SPECIAL NOTE --Seismometer 6th is the 6th tool among many other professional tools in our app "Multi Measures - All in one measuring toolkit"
FishWeather is a mobile application to locate, monitor, analyze, and share wind data whenever, wherever, and however you want it. With over 50,000 weather stations for real-time observations and our forecast system for observations anywhere in the world we make it easy for you to find the wind data you're after no matter where you are. FishWeather is essential equipment for fishing!Features:-Report for 50,000 + Weather Stations -Virtual Station Forecasts for Anywhere on Earth -Create Wind Profiles -Wind Alerts via Push Notifications -Radar (NEXRAD Level 3) -Meteorologist Forecasts -Model Forecasts -Nautical Charts -Sea Surface Temperatures -Tides--------------------The term of subscription is 12 months and your subscription starts immediately.Subscription prices as follows: -Plus (1 Month) / $3.99 -Plus (12 Months) / $44.99 -Pro (1 Month) / $9.99 -Pro (12 Months) / $119.99 -Gold (1 Month) / $14.99 -Gold (12 Months) / $179.99 -Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. -Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. -You will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, for the same duration and at the current subscription rate for that product. -You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. -No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. This does not affect your statutory rights. -Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. -We will be collecting information about your use of the app both when you are online and offline. To find out more please see our privacy policy.--------------------By purchasing a subscription or downloading an app you agree that you have read and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
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Your comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather.° Coverage from 75,000 publications ◦ Instant-load read experience with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ◦ Headlines carousel - quickly browse headlines, tap to read, swipe to read next. iPhone, iPad only. iOS 9 and up only. ° Simple swipe-access to categories such as Top Stories, Technology, Sports & Weather ° Tune your layout with any of 60 country-specific editions and personalized news sections such as ‘Hollywood’, ‘NASA’, ‘Fashion’, or anything else that catches your fancy ° Tap any story for a deep selection of viewpoints, including in-depth articles, Opinion, and local perspectives
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The Weather Channel App for iPhone is your best option for accurate forecasts and timely local weather alerts. Make confident decisions all summer, whether you are planning for the day, the entire week or the next 15 days! KNOW THE WEATHER ANYWHERE, RIGHT NOW • Forecasts: Hourly, daily, weekly, weekend and 15-day forecasts. • Dynamic Home Screen: Changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most. • Detailed Current Conditions: Get “feels like” temperature, heat index, humidity, wind speed, and more. • Weather Maps: Fast-loading radar maps show past and future doppler radar. • Severe Weather Alerts: Stay safe with real-time National Weather Service notifications of severe weather including severe weather warnings about lightning, hail, flooding and severe storms. PLAN YOUR SUMMER ACTIVITIES WITH CONFIDENCE • Need weather information to help plan for kids’ summer camp outings, family vacations, picnics, camping or boat outing – this app lets you track and read detailed weather information in multiple locations around the world. • Dress, pack and plan appropriately – know the rain and wind forecasts, tides, sunrise and sunset times, phases of the moon and even pollen counts! • Hurricane Central: Track tropical storms and hurricanes - Be ready for hail, lightning strikes, storm surges, flooding and more. Get the latest breaking news and public advisories and read safety tips! • NEW! GoRun Forecast: Like to run? Now you can create a personalized GoRun Forecast to help you answer questions like “When should I run?” “What should I wear?” “How far should I go?” Scroll to the Outdoors module in our app to try it out, and let us know what you think at DETAILED WEATHER PROGRAMMING & FEATURES 24/7 • Watch our morning show “The Lift”: a 6-minute weather show that airs first on your app. Join Domenica Davis as she covers breaking weather, cool science, and amazing nature clips first thing in the morning. Available on your home screen weekdays from 6-11 a.m. Great for people on the go! • Weather News: From severe storms to straight-up bizarre weather occurrences, we’ll keep you up to date. • Stunning Imagery: Amazing background photos match your current weather conditions. • Sponsors allow us to bring you The Weather Channel app for free AD-FREE VERSION For those of you who want an ad-free version of our weather app, it is here! Our iOS app includes a $3.99 in-app purchase to remove all ads for 1 year. Simply go to the Settings menu in the app to complete the purchase. WEATHER ALERT APPLE WATCH INTEGRATION • Get precise weather updates, rain and lightning alerts and more of your favorite features right from your Apple Watch. • Watch Glances: To activate The Weather Channel Glance, open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone, go to the "Glances" section, click "edit," and add "The Weather." To activate the new The Weather Channel watch face complication, press firmly on the watch face that displays the time and tap "customize." Then browse to the complication showing an umbrella icon.THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA Forgot your phone? Access many of the top app features on the web, wherever you go: find us at, like us on, and follow us on Twitter @weatherchannel.PRIVACY We respect your privacy! Please check out our Privacy Policy, which can be found here: and our Terms of Use, which can be found here: We love feedback! If you love our weather app, please rate and review us in the App Store. If you have questions or suggestions, please submit them to You can also email us at with any suggestions or questions.
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Experience the weather | Apple Design Award, 2013Prepare for your day with the most accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Stunning Flickr photos match your location, time of day, and current conditions. Favorite features:-Get all the details: wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation. -Experience weather conditions for rain, snow, fog and extreme heat with animated weather effects. -See animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules. -Browse interactive maps: radar, satellite, heat, and snow. -Track all your favorite cities and destinations! -Twice daily notifications help you be prepared, whatever the weather. -Experience weather conditions for rain, snow, fog and extreme heat with animated weather effects.Helpful tips:-Scroll down for detailed weather information. -Tap the plus sign to add up to 20 cities. -Swipe left-to-right to move between locations. -Submit your photos to Yahoo Weather by joining #projectweather on Flickr.What people are saying:"It’s a million impressive little things. It’s the blurring of the background; its the subtle parallax scroll when flipping between cities; it’s the way the windmills spin faster or slower based on the actual current windspeed." - Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch Tell us what you think:We are committed to building the best mobile experiences and would love to hear your feedback.Let us know your thoughts here:
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Theme store now open! Customize your thermometer today!Thermo is a simple approach to Weather. This little pocket thermometer shows the current temperature outside along with the temperature from the day before."if you just want a huge, gorgeous thermometer"
- Gizmodo"a beautifully designed, simple weather app"
- The Next Web"Thermo is simple and beautiful."
- AppAdviceThe App Store is packed with increasingly advanced weather gizmos for aspiring meteorologists, but sometimes all you need to know is the temperature outside.
 Having problems judging absolute temperature values? Most of us do! That's why we've included the temperature from yesterday. This gives you context, letting you compare how much hotter or colder it is today from the day before, a feature missing from most other weather apps.Thermo has a unique and crisp interface, making it that much more enjoyable to check the temperature.= Features = * Universal thermometer for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad * Current local temperature from Across the World in a gorgeous interface * Feels Like temperature, for the temperature on exposed skin due to wind. * Yesterday's temperature for your comparison (Note: not yesterday's average, but the temperature exactly 24 hours ago) * Auto Locate on startup, or manually search your location * Tap on the glass to refresh temperature manually * Celsius and Fahrenheit support * Seamless transition between Landscape and Portrait version for iPad * Ad Supported, Upgrade to an Ad-Free version with In App Purchase * Get your own personal temperature tracker with Thermo History, an In-App upgrade that syncs automatically between iOS devices via iCloud * Theme store! Purchase and unlock new looks for your thermometer. * Supports Thermodo – the tiny Thermometer from the creators of Thermo. Take your own temperature measurements with thermodo + thermo. Read more on Support = If you have any questions or comments please send us an email at Note that If you leave a support question in the comments we won't be able to write you back, so just shoot us an email instead.
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The “MyObservatory” is one of the most popular weather app providing location-specific weather service in Hong Kong. If permission is granted to determine user’s location, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind direction and speed, as well as weather photograph collected from nearby weather stations will be displayed. Note to users: 1. The notificaiton service of weather warnings, Special Weather Tips, and Location-based Rain Forecast is provided through the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). The Hong Kong Observatory cannot guarantee the reception of the above notifications by users. Users should not rely on the mobile app as the only means for reception of important weather information. Depending on factors such as network usage and quality of user's mobile phone connection, it may take 5 to 20 minuntes or even longer for the app to receive the notification after it is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory. 2. Use of Location-based Rain Forecast notification will increase the battery usage and data download slightly. Users who wish to save battery usage of the app may enable the notification function in rainy days and before outdoor activities, and disable the function in sunny days and after finishing the outdoor activities. Meanwhile, selecting options of less frequent update and lower postion accuracy in the advanced settings of the notification function may also save battery usage.3. Although the “MyObservatory” is a free app, user will be charged by their mobile network service provider on the use of data service. These charges can become very expensive on roaming. Please ensure that the option of “Data Roaming” have been disabled in the settings of your mobile devices. 4. In the “My Location Settings”, users can opt for using the automatic location service provided by the smartphone, or designating “My Location” on the map themselves. This location will be displayed on the main page and in “My Weather Report”. The meteorological data displayed on the same page is provided by meteorological stations nearby, and is not necessarily from a station in the same region. In case meteorological data is not available from nearby stations, data from other meteorological stations at headquarter of the Observatory, King’s Park, and Star Ferry will be used instead. Meanwhile, “Hong Kong Observatory” will be used as “My Location”.5. The location displayed in the function of "My Weather Report" is provided by third party provider. The Hong Kong Observatory does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.6. Owing to the difference in topography and altitude between the weather station and user's location, and also the error in the estimated postiion given by the mobile device, users should note that weather information displayed on the app may be different from actual conditions in using the "MyObservatory".7. The maximum and minimum temperatures displayed on the main page and the "My Weather Report" are today's forecast temperature specific to "My Location". 8. The clock on the main page of the app is displayed with HKT synchronizing automatically to the Observatory's Internet Time Server, and may not be the same as the time displayed on the smartphone.
MyObservatory app review: accurate weather forecasting from the Hong Kong Observatory
Texas Traveler shows you the current status of major roads and highways throughout the state. By accessing Texas Department of Transportation extensive road data, you can view traffic cameras, read alerts about construction and other road-related issues, get stats from weather stations, and read roadside signboard messages. For a small charge, you can also view flood stations and their current status around the San Antonio area. Also available is Google Traffic, just so you have all the data in one app.All of this is displayed on a map with ease of use for panning and zooming. Only interested in certain areas? You can define your own regions and quickly view them, or use one of the several predefined areas.
Alle Bergfex-Wettervorhersagen in einer AppIn dieser Wetter-App erhalten sie alle Wettervorhersagen der Bergfex-Website für den Alpenraum (Österreich, Deutschland, Schweiz, Italien und Slowenien - inkl. Bergwetterprognosen).Exklusiv für Österreich: 3729 punktgenaue und detaillierte Prognosen für alle Orte und eine große Anzahl an Bergwetter-Vorhersagen.Umfang der bergfex/Wetter App: - Favoritenübersicht - 9-Tages Prognose (inkl. detaillierter Tagesvorhersagen) - Temperaturen (min./max.) - Wind - Niederschlag (inkl. Niederschlagsmenge und Wahrscheinlichkeit) - Sonnenscheindauer - Vorhersagekarten Niederschlag - Webcams - Neuschnee und Schneefallgrenzen - Sonnenauf- und untergang / MondphasenDie exakten Prognosen werden in Zusammenarbeit mit der ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik) erstellt.Folgende erweiterten Bereiche erhalten Sie mit dem In-APP Kauf:- Keine Werbung - Kurzzeitprognose (6h alle 30min aktualisiert für alle Prognosepunkte in Österreich) - Wetterradarbilder (Bewölkung, Niederschlag, alle 15min) - Webcam Archiv - Detailliertere Vorhersagekarten für Niederschlag - Wetterstationen Österreich - Bundeslandwetter Österreich
UVLens keeps you safe in the sun. Exposure to sunlight’s ultraviolet radiation (UV) can damage to your skin, cause sunburn and increase your risk of skin cancer. UVLens shows you when you need to take care and when you can safely enjoy the sun. - Get active more. Spend more time outdoors AND stay safe from the sun - Keep your family safe, designed to warn you when the UV is really high - Education. Learn what you need to do depending on how strong the UV isFeatures:• Plan out the best time to be outside See the UV forecast for the day, see when it’s safe to be outside and when to avoid the sun.• Find your burn risk Find out how long you can spend in the sun by taking a personalised skin type assessment.• Shedding light on UV UV is deceptive and invisible to our eyes, learn what protection measures to take and when to apply sunscreen.• Global forecasting Find the UV wherever you are in the world... even Antarctica is supported!
Local Now offers real-time, hyper-local weather, news, sports and traffic reports. For the first time your local news is available instantly on demand and on any device. The localized content is featured within a short loop that’s updated in real-time. So if you miss something, you can catch it again only a few minutes later. Powered by The Weather Channel and other leading content providers, Local Now delivers a unique viewing experience that gives information that’s relevant to you and your day. Additionally, Local Now offers localized severe weather clips within your personally customized locations, providing you with the real-time weather information you need to stay safe if your area is impacted by a particular weather event. Local Now also offers a live video stream of The Weather Channel television network to the majority of users that have a current TV provider subscription. Additional partners will continue to be signed and announced, you will be prompted to select your provider at time of login.
"This could be one of the best weather widgets" - Appadvice Rainbow Weather Widget is elegant, unique and beautifully simple. The minimalist design focuses on what you really need: the current weather and the weekly forecast.FEATURES+ Current temperature & weather + Forecast for next week + Probability of precipitation (chance of rain; optional) + Minimal temperature (optional) + Fast automatic location detection - or save your favorite location + Choose between Celsius and FahrenheitPress reviews: • "This widget manages the feat of being both compact and complete" - • "Rainbow Weather Widget definitely looks like a promising app for anyone interested in adding a clutter-free weather widget" - • "... a very appealing design" - appsdoiphone.comAll information is shown in the widget. In the corresponding app you find the settings menu and a help guide with a very easy explanation of how to install the widget. The app pulls its highly accurate data from Dark Sky.
Real-Time Wx presents 3D visualizations of up to date nationwide and worldwide weather data from Nasa and the National Weather Service on an interactive virtual globe.Whether you’re monitoring a thunderstorm, checking your current weather conditions, or you’re tracking a hurricane, this app is for you.The app relies on information taken from third-party data, and we are not responsible for the accuracy or lack of data being presented.There is no login required, no ads, and no collection of personal information.Globe Layers:Nasa Integrated Multi-Satellite Retrievals for Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (IMERG) - Clouds (updated every 3 Hours) - 30 Minute Precipitation Accumulation - 3 Hour Precipitation Accumulation - 24 Hour Precipitation Accumulation - Current Hurricanes and Typhoons (Tropical Cyclones)Note: The Nasa (IMERG) layers above are provided by the near-realtime "early run" product, which is generated by Nasa's Precipitation Processing System every half hour with a 6 hour latency from the time of data acquisition.Nasa Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) - 3 Hour Rainfall Accumulation - 24 Hour Rainfall Accumulation - 72 Hour Rainfall Accumulation - 24 Hour Flood Potential ForecastNote: The system to produce the Nasa "TRMM Data" estimates in real time was developed to apply new concepts in merging quasi-global precipitation estimates and to take advantage of the increasing availability of input data sets in near real time. The overall system is referred to as the real-time TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA-RT), and is currently in Version 7.Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) MODIS Aqua Satellite - 1 Day Average Sea Surface TemperatureNOAA / National Weather Service - Doppler Radar (updated every 10 minutes) - Real-Time NWS WarningsCurrent Weather Conditions:OpenWeatherMap - Temperature - High Temperature - Low Temperature - Humidity - Wind Speed - Wind Direction
Fires presents 3D visualizations of worldwide fire data from multiple sources including the USDA, Nasa, and Cal Fire on an interactive virtual globe.Whether you’re monitoring a nearby wildfire and want the most up to date information on fire detections, checking your current weather and fire weather conditions, or you’re just curious about the amount of fires in a certain area (anywhere), this app is for you.You can even sign up for near real-time fire email alerts provided by Nasa within the app or go to the following link directly: app relies on information taken from third-party feeds, and we are not responsible for the accuracy or lack of data being presented.There is no login required, no ads, and no collection of personal information.Globe Layers:USDA Forest Service - Continental United States - Fire Detections (MODIS) - Fire Radiative Power (MODIS) - Large Incidents - Fire WeatherUSDA Forest Service - Alaska - Fire Detections (MODIS) - Fire Radiative Power (MODIS) - Large Incidents - Fire WeatherUSDA Forest Service - Hawaii - Fire Detections (MODIS) - Fire Radiative Power (MODIS) - Large Incidents - Fire WeatherUSDA Forest Service - Canada - Fire Detections (MODIS) - Fire Radiative Power (MODIS) - Large IncidentsNasa Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS) - Last 24 Hours - Alaska - Australia and New Zealand - Canada - Central America - Europe - North and Central Africa - Russia and Asia - South America - South Asia - South East Asia - Southern Africa - USA (Conterminous) and Hawaii - WorldCal Fire - Incidents
Are you sick of this #%$#! hot or cold weather? Did it ruin all your plans? Let honest weather tell you exactly how you felt about that in funny and hilarious ways. You can also share your honest feelings and let friends know what you really think! FEATURES: • Most beautiful, simple and easy to use weather app • Hilarious weather comments for each day • Change all of the weather phrases to your liking in your own language! Create your own funny phrases! Text that you control! • Check weather in Celsius, Fahrenheit or for the scientists out there in Kelvin! • Check weather for for any city in the world. Select as many cities as you like to check weather simultaneously. • Swipe left/right to quickly see weather • Pinch to see 5 day weather forecast for each city • Double tap the screen and see more options • Select your own picture or take one with camera in order to share your current weather. • Powerful photo editor to enhance your pictures • Share your weather with everyone through email, text, facebook or twitter!