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When you think of summer what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If you’re like many people the first thought is that it’s grilling season! Here’s a list of the best BBQ apps for the iPhone and iPad – the joys, the techniques, recipes, and more. The list provides you with all kinds of ways to celebrate this rather tasty time of year. There’s a good chance you’ll find more than one of these apps to be very useful.

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If you’re looking for the BEST and EASY way to improve your BBQ skills and become a BBQ master

Congratulations! This BBQ grill guide app for iPhone is what you need.

Imagine how it would feel when your family and friends will enjoy in BBQ party, from luxurious dishes made by you! With this BBQ iPhone app you will learn how to:

  • become a BBQ Master composed of many topics and themes
  • cook tasty and luxurious dishes on the grill

  • cook on the grill anywhere anytime in any weather
  • set up your grill properly
  • properly clean your BBQ Grill

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Meatsitter is one of the best BBQ apps for the iPhone. It is the remote-control app for your Meatsitter wireless bluetooth thermometer that can remotely monitor the temperature of your preferred cooking device and the food you’re cooking at the same time. You do not need the Meatsitter device to use the app. The app can be used as a periodic cooking timer with voice notifications, vibrations, and popup alerts. The Meatsitter app also has USDA-safe internal temperatures for a variety of different kinds of food.

  • Receive alerts on your phone when the internal temperature of your food has reached the first alarm
  • Remotely monitor your food and grill temperatures
  • Flip your steak ahead of time to use reverse searing techniques
  • You can use 2 AA batteries or a mini USB cord and your phone’s 5V power adapter

This is a Weber kettle app for iPhone. It is the great app for the perfect BBQ, the #1 for Weber grill enthusiast’s community!

  • Gives you One Touch access to the WKC forums
  • Easy to navigate
  • Follow trending conversations on FullOnMINIs
  • Reply or add photos with one tap
  • Subscribe to content with one tap and receive push notifications

StoryQue is BBQ recipe app and can become your source of interesting and creative ideas. StoryQue makes barbecue fun and easy by sharing creative recipes and tips for backyarders.  If you're a beginner, we can help you master barbecue skills and if you've been doing this for a long time you can also learn something new. Install StoryQue app and download the issues marked FREE to get a taste of StoryQue magazine or subscribe to the trial to get the latest monthly issue FREE.

  • Smoking and grilling recipes
  • Side dishes and desserts
  • Fun articles, tips and tricks
  • Tantalizing photography

GrillTime, BBQ smoker app is a timer and grilling guide that makes barbecuing easier and less stressful. Select your meat, thickness, and level of doneness and then GrillTime automatically recommends the perfect grilling time and temperature. No need to hang around the grill, GrillTime notifies you when it’s time to flip and when it’s finished.  GrillTime app review

  • Grilling times, temperatures, and instructions are automatically calculated
  • Easily manage multiple items on your grill with simultaneous timers
  • GrillTime runs in the background and notifies you when it's time to flip or remove your food
  • Create customized timers and tailor to your own recipes
  • Display times and temperatures in either Metric or Imperial units

Cave Tools BBQ Recipe Journal is a BBQ recipe app with the most comprehensive and active barbecue recipes available in the store. The Fastest Way to Master Meat Smoking - Cooking Journal which allows you to log all of the most important information from your meat smoking sessions including pictures and notes so you can always look back at your recipes and improve for next time.

  • Choose from 100s of recipes available in the community
  • Send your favorite recipes and journal entries to your friends
  • 3 Integrated Timers for different cooking processes
  • Meat Smoking Guide 
  • Internal Meat Temperature Guide
  • Clean & Simple Design

It's patio season and along with that comes outdoor grilling. The BBQ Smoking Guide! app can help you to create some incredible smoked meats this summer that will have your friends and family begging to come back for more. This app works as a calculator tool so you know exactly how long to smoke the item for. Just adjust the slider that shows the weight of the meat and you'll get an instant answer as to how long you need to cook it for. The app is able to figure out 52 different types of meat and different cuts. Along with the cooking time you will also get step-by-step instructions.

  • Learn how long you should smoke each type and cut of meat
  • Get step-by-step cooking instructions
  • The app is easy to use and the calculator provides instant answers

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