The best wine cellar management apps for iPhone and iPad

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If you’re on a quest to build your own wine cellar at home, even if you have just a few vintages on-hand, then do so in a professional way which also entails management and organization. These apps are ideal for your at-home wine cellar management so that you can find what you want easily and quickly, keep track of items you’re out of, items you’d like to try, and much more.

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With Virtual Cellar, the iPhone app for wine cellar management, after creating your own login and linking it to your social media account, you will be able to create your own flavor profile, save favorite wines, build a virtual cellar and access all the information that you need in selecting the most appropriate products for you. With the Virtual Wine Cellar app, not only can you explore wines, you can also browse through thousands of products in the database and create a match that most aligns with your flavor preferences.

  • Flavour Matching System
  • Saved Flavor Profiles
  • Product Search
  • Favorite Products

Personal Cellar

Winebook, the wine management app for iPhone is a powerful Cloud base tool. This Winebook app is created for wine enthusiasts. It offers a wide source of information about the wine World with a robust content of grape varieties and beautiful photos. With an elegant and efficient solution to store your wine collection, Winebook saves all the important properties of your wines. You can store them locally in your device or in the Cloud to sync all your devices. Some of many app’s features are:

  • Storage of photos, properties (12), ratings (5) and notes for each wine
  • Advanced search bar for wines and grape varieties (name, type, country, rating and year)
  • Add your Favorite wine with a single touch on a heart
  • Easily navigate through the most important function of your Wines
  • New smart-Inventory for each type of wine (white, rose, red, sparkling and fortified)
  • Detail views for each type of grape with a complete overview, beautiful photos and text

Hello Vino is your virtual wine assistant. Buying wine is fun and easy with Hello Vino's recommendations for food and wine pairings, special occasions and personalized wine picks based on your taste preferences. The Hello Vino app uses artificial intelligence to learn about your wine preferences. As you tap through the choices, scan wine labels and rate your favorites, the app will make new wine recommendations based on your activity and settings.  Hello Vino Wine Assistant app review

  • Wine for you
  • Food & wine pairings
  • Wine label scanners
  • Wine Guide and recommendations
  • Wine gift ideas

A biodynamic calendar for wine drinkers. Discover which days are good (fruit and flower days), and which are less good (root and leaf days), as well as Maria Thun’s unique ‘generally unfavourable’ days (not included in other lunar calendars). This free version is for the current day and days past. For future days, purchase the annual data (in-app purchase).

  • Get the best from your bottle of wine: the best days to open your good wine revealed
  • Top UK grocery chains use this calendar to choose their critics wine tastings days
  • Customise for any global time zone, and choose 12-hour or 24-hour time
  • Based on 50 years of research by biodynamic expert Maria Thun

Vivino Wine Scanner is an ingenious app for those wine enthusiasts out there. Whether you are new to the lifestyle, a seasoned pro, or someone just looking for a nice bottle with dinner, this app will help you ascertain all of the information you need to make the right choice. Just snap a photo of the bottle’s label and get instant information from a wine community of over 10 million people. You can access reviews, check prices, find deals, see trending wines, like and comment on other wines, save to your wish list, browse a large database and so much more. There is an in-app purchase to access all of the premium features.  Vivino Wine Scanner app review

  • Scan a wine bottle with this app to get information
  • View reviews, ratings and prices, and deals
  • Save to your wish list, Search for wines
  • Connect with a large community of wine lovers
  • In-app purchase for premium version 

Newbies and savants alike will love the Wine-Searcher app, as it comes packed with a variety of features to appeal to all wine, beer, and spirit enthusiasts. You can scan the label to search for information related to the drink, including prices, critic ratings, the grape used, region information, where to buy, and much more. Ratings can also be given to remember what you liked. This app is a great way to learn more about wines and other alcohol.

  • Information on wines, beers, and spirits
  • Scan the label to search
  • Find prices, critic ratings, grape, and region information
  • Rate your favorites
  • Learn about wine

This is a must have wine app for users who collect and drink wine. It’s the world’s largest database of wine reviews including tasting notes, personal stories and more. Check out the community of over 350,000 people and get firsthand information and recommendations. Use the tracking tool to manage your own wine collection, search for details about a wine by just taking a photo of the label, scan barcodes to get info or to add to your collection, track you consumption history which might be ill advised for some and more. This wine tracking tool is a great addition to any user who loves wine.

  • Tack your own wine bottle collection
  • Scan barcodes or take pics of labels
  • Read wine reviews or Tasting notes
  • Over 350,000 users, Check out recommendations
  • Track your own wine consumption

Looking like an actual wine cellar, the Cellar 2 app by Airsource is an interesting inclusion on our list. The layout and graphics are nice and the overall feel of the app pleasant. It’s also nice to see the developers actively respond to comments in iTunes. So many apps get abandoned that we constantly check the update frequency and engagement of the development team. We liked the cellar/trash option where, after finishing a bottle of wine, you either keep it, or move it to the trash bin.

  • Free trial
  • Easily change from cellar view to list view
  • Share the date with friends using a special link
  • Wide range of search options

The Cellwine: Scan, Save and Share app has some really interesting features not seen on other apps. Designed both for wine lovers and wine collectors, the features we liked include the food pairing option, the detailed notes and the cost logging of your collection which gives you an overall value of your stock. A good wine inventory app. Comments in iTunes are all responded to which tells us they care about the quality of their app and satisfaction of the users. We often mention this because so many apps are left to die and this recent update to our list meant 3 out of 10 apps were removed as they are no longer available in iTunes. Users had paid good money for them. Annoying.

  • Scan the labels to catalogue your wine collection
  • Suggested serving temperature
  • Keep notes of your wine loving experience
  • Food pairing

Is your collection of wine growing and it's starting to get hard to keep track of what you've got? If so, it may be time for the Wine Cellar Database app. This one allows you to manage your wine cellar and customize it. The app has hundreds of thousands of wines in its database and if you'd like you can load in your own selections if you can't find them in the database. Create your very own wine categories and then drop the wines in them. You can search through wines using filters, you can sort your cellar, and rearrange it as you please. For a more detailed approach you can add a photo to the wine listing.  Wine Cellar Database 2.0 for iPad app review

  • Acts as an organizational tool
  • Manage your cellar into customized categories
  • Rearrange and re-name your categories
  • Search for wines in the database or add them in manually

This official wine guide app is intended for wine lovers who want to discover new wine producers and their products. Try this app to find a winery in Napa Valley. Featured by TripAdvisor, The New York Times, Forbes, and USA Today.  Napa Valley wine tasting deals 2020 for wineries, hotels, restaurants & spas located in Napa Valley & Sonoma County of California Wine Country. 

  • #1 DOWNLOADED APP for Napa Valley
  • App information updated DAILY

Those with an appreciation of wine will love the Wine Events app which gives you a chance to stay in the know of all the upcoming events. This app offers a calendar of upcoming wine, beer, spirit, and food events so you never have to miss out again. You can obviously find the ones in your hometown or you can explore other cities and towns. You can share these events with friends and family, you can purchase tickets through the app and often save money on them, and you can also check-in straight through the app.

  • Discover what events are happening nearby and in other cities and towns
  • Browse through the calendar of upcoming wine, beer, spirit, and food events
  • There are a number of mobile exclusive ticket prices
  • Check-in through the app
  • Share events with friends

This wine cellar app is great for both beginners and the advanced collector. There are roughly 50 different descriptors for you to add pertinent information about each and every bottle. That allows you to make this app simple or the most in-depth tool you could possibly imagine regarding wine collecting. Simply add the wine bottle manually to your collection or automatically through the large database. A powerful search engine will help you filter through your collection based on 40 different fields. Add ratings, tasting notes, view pro ratings, complete stats on your collection, match dishes to wine, view producers and regions, customize graphics, create PDFs of each wine and many more great features

  • Great app for beginners and advanced users
  • In-depth system to catalog and detail your wine
  • Powerful search tool to browse through your collection
  • Quickly add bottles, ratings, notes and more
  • Share with others, Import/Export lists, Customizable options

The Pocket Wine app may just become your favorite wine companion tool in a very short time thanks to its selection of user-friendly tools and features. Use this app to learn about grape varieties and blends so that you can start to get a better understanding of what makes up the wine and what makes each one taste different. As you learn you'll also be able to figure out those tasting notes you enjoy and the ones you'd prefer to avoid. You will be able to learn about wine matching when it comes to your food and even answer questions that will lead to your own specified taste profile. For more on this best wine app, check out our app review.

  • This is a learning tool
  • Become an expert on grape varieties and blends with the help of the app
  • Learn to identify your taste profile
  • Learn about how to match wine with food

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