George Washington is one of America's most beloved and treasured historical figures. Lear more about this founding father and first president by checking out our list of the best George Washington apps for your iPhone. 


George Washington Quotes 1.0

Price: Free

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Obviously, the first one we’re going to list here is a quotes app from the man himself. Learn more about his famous comments, opinions and wisdom through this great app. 



Speeches: George Washington 1.0

Price: $1.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Want to sound like the world’s preeminent orator? Then download this app and get inspired with the speeches which, in turn, inspired an entire nation during its infancy.



George Washington: Shmoop Biography v1.0

Price: $1.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

History lessons can be a drag! This app, thankfully, distils all of the important details of Washington’s life in a no-nonsense format! Want to know what date he was born? Well, just click on it and you’ll then be redirected to it without any delays. 




Presidents of U.S.A 1.0

Price: $0.99

For: iPhone and iPad

 We listed this app in our "Best President's Day app for iPhone" list and it's worth mentioning again here. You can learn everything about Washington's presidential campaign, and other presidents, with this highly regarded app. 



Revolution Firsth-hand American History

Price; $0.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod

This is an in-depth app that provides information on American's revolution against Great Britain. Not only will you learn about this impactful historical period, but you can learn how George Washington played a major part in America's early days, including fighting against the Brits.