Easter is more than just a day of candy, rabbits and eggs. It's also a major Christian holiday signaling the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you want to learn more about this holiday, or just make things more exciting, then check out our list of the best Easter apps for your iPhone. 



Easter C@rds

Price: $1.99

Sure, there’s always a reason to give a card to someone! But since paper is practically all but obsolete nowadays, then send an Easter-themed card with this app instead! With over 30 templates and color schemes to choose from, you’d have just as much fun making your card as it is seeing the reactions of your loved ones who you sent the card to!



Easter Prayers PRO

Price: $0.99

Of course, you have to realize that Easter isn’t just about bunnies and colored eggs, don’t you? Do the right thing for your kids and teach them these prayers, which have been handed down from one generation to another. And you don’t even have to be Catholic to say these prayers!




Easter Hunt

Price: $0.99

Now this IS what an Easter Egg Hunt should be! Taking inspiration from the GPS functions of our iPhones, this app enables you to give clues to your child as to where the direction of the hidden Easter eggs are without divulging it to them completely! If anything, this would mean less tantrums for your kids when they find it difficult to scavenge for eggs!



Connect'Em Easter

Price: Free

An Easter-themed app that doesn’t have bunnies or eggs in it? If you grow tired of bunnies and eggs, then you have to check out this cleverly inventive puzzler which sees you “connecting” one blob to the other!




Easter Dots!

Price: Free

This classic schoolyard game gets a modern update with this charming little app! While it’s fun playing this game against an AI, it gets even more riotous when you play against a friend! See how many boxes you can make before you get outsmarted by your “rival” in this app.