If you are a fan of Winston Churchill, or just want to learn more about the man and his accomplishments, then check out our list of the best Winston Churchill apps for your iPhone. 



My Early Life (by Winston Churchill)

Price: $9.99

Even then, Churchill had a strange knack for building his legacy; written nine years before the start of the Second World War, this autobiography presents a deeper look into what made him into the historical figure that we read about in our history books today! And it’s even cleanly narrated by professional speaker Frederick Davidson—if that doesn’t scream “classy” to you, then we don’t know what will!



Winston Churchill´s speeches (1939-1945)

Price: Free

This app brings you 85 of Churchill’s speeches that have been painstakingly detailed and recreated. And the fact that it’s basically released as FREE is really an icing on the cake! Perfect for history students. 




Winston Churchill's Wit & Wisdom - British Politics, Political Quotes, Prime Minister

Price: $1.99

Licensed straight from the estate of the Churchills, this app really has all the goods in terms of detailing all of his most famous “soundbites”. There’s a reason why the man was responsible for many of the quotes you see greeting you at the opening credits of your typical Hollywood blockbuster.




Churchill (Audiobook)

Price: $19.99

If you think you’re not up to reading a thousand pages’ worth of history in three sittings, then this audiobook would be the perfect alternative for learning about the life of Winston Churchill. Written by esteemed historian Paul Johnson, no stone is left unturned in this very comprehensive recollection of the man who helped rally the world.




Battle of Britain - Churchill's Few

Price: $1.99

Do you know how dire Britain’s situation was during the War? Well, on the brink of a Nazi invasion, it was only a few dozens of the Royal Air Force going to battle against the hundreds and hundreds of the German Luftwaffe planes nearing the country’s horizons! Released on the 70th Anniversary of Churchill’s “The Few” speech, this app details all of the aircraft and pilots from both sides of the War who gave so much for what they deemed was a just cause.