If you just can't get enough of your favorite beverage, soda, then check out our list of the best soda apps for your iPhone. 



Price: Free

You may have no idea what makes Coke a Coke and Dr. Pepper not taste like pepper, but at least you can now play soda homebrewer with this app! Mix all of the sweet ingredients you can find and lick your lips in anticipation as you wait for the finished product to roll out!  



Soda Info

Price: Free

How does one exactly make soda? How can you make it fizz just at the right amount without having to cause anyone gas while they’re drinking it? Well, this fan-developed app has the right approach to doling out the facts! Know your soda before you drink one straight from the can! 




Make Soda!

Price: Free

Yes, this app may be a game, but the “flavors” contained in this one makes so much sense and is just so good to look at that you’d be even tempted to brew a real one by yourself.





American Soda

Price: Free

Yep, we know that junk food is not healthy for our systems, but darn it if they’re not fun to eat with on a lazy sunny afternoon! If you’re too lazy to go out shopping for some fizz, then let this app help you by letting you do all your “groceries” from the comfort of your own home, with all the products you ordered delivered straight to your house! 




Soda Wipeout2

Price: $0.99

Can tomatoes really topple soda cans? Well, this app proves that there’s more to real-life physics than organic and inorganic stuff! Show those virtual carnies who’s boss with this simplistically fun app!