If you are visiting Pensacola, or just recently moved there, then check out our list of the best Pensacola apps for your iPhone. 


Pensacola street map

Price: $2.99

A paper map that does not tear up, and a Google Maps app that doesn’t even require internet connection: this is basically what this app is! Automatically updated when connected online, there’s a reason why the Street Map series are highly recommended! 



Pensacola genius map

Price: $0.99

Just how “genius” is this map app? Well, you’ve got the option to drag your “markers” from one place to the next on the map, allowing you to never get lost no matter where you are in the town! You can also make your own imprint on the map by leaving reminders on the map where you have gone and where you’re headed, too! 



Downtown Pensacola

Price: Free

Yep, the town is as bustling, no matter what your perception of this is. Linked up with Pensacola’s Downtown Improvement Board, you’ll get an automatic listing of all the cool spots the place has to offer! 





Bodyworx Pensacola

Price: Free

If you think you’re in too much of a funk, then the best way to remove it is by sweating it out! This app by Bodyworx is an all-inclusive booking app where you can check for the latest schedules, as well as the classes that the gym offers! But best of all, you can be privy to the hottest deals Bodyworx offers simply by signing up for free with this app!




Pensacola News Journal

Price: Free

Of course, the best way to get acquainted with the locals is by knowing what news currently grips them! This app is an easy way to stay up to date with the local news. Combined with the app’s streaming media capabilities, it’s just like watching primetime news anywhere you go!