If you are traveling to Miami, o just recently moved there, then check out our list of the best Miami apps for your iPad. 


BT'S Miami

Price: Free

Know in advance whether one of the best bars in Miami is fully booked with the help of this app’s one-touch reserve booking function! And with a constantly refreshing events listing for BT’s, download this app if you want to have a good night out which won’t end in disappointment!





Zoo Miami

Price: Free

You think Miami is all sand and beach? Why, there’s also a huge wildlife preservation there, too! This app not only gives you all the locations to where you can locate the animals, it also allows you to plan your itinerary in advance with the app’s “plan your visit” function!




The best of Miami

Price: Free

What’s the difference with this app guide to the city? Well, it’s simple: it constantly updates your iPad with a real-time news and events feed to keep on the loop no matter what you do or where you are in Miami!





The Miami herald

Price: Free

Regional newspapers are dime a plenty, but the Herald has been one of the few broadsheets to have transcended the city! But the best part about this app is the MiiReport, a user-contributed column where you—yes, YOU, the reader—can contribute the news which concerns you the most!




Miami basketball pro fan

Price: $0.99

Will the Miami Heat be back-to-back NBA champions? Discuss with your fellow fans if this year’s playoffs will result in another happy ending for LeBron and Co. with the use of this app! However, the best thing about this app is that you can even purchase tickets without having to leave the confines of your iPad! If that’s not a godsend to you, then we don’t know what is!