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PlaynBrag App: a fun way to play and bet with your friends

15 Dec 2017 Developer News
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If you love sports, bragging to your mates, getting out of buying rounds and a healthy bit of betting fun then you’re going to love the new sports betting app, PlaynBrag by developers PlaynBrag Ltd. What PlaynBrag does that other sports betting apps don’t is it focuses on the fun and camaraderie of bringing friends together over a healthy bit of banter regarding sports knowledge and betting prowess.

Leagues can be formed for money, or, if you’d prefer to keep things innocent then you can stick to playing for the kudos (or the next round of beer). The app focuses on the Premier League and Champions League in football as well as any Golf Major.

The app’s interface is simple and easy-to-use and allows you to check up on your various leagues, place bets or update yourself on the latest scores and results with a simple click of the button on your homepage.

To play, you simply get a gang of mates together to form a ‘league’. Each member of the league picks the teams that they think are going to win. Every team in your ‘team of teams’ that wins their match gets three points, if they draw; they get one. The member with the most points at the end of the week/month/season (it’s up to you) wins and gets the money/cheers/beers from the pot. If you’d like to take a punt at the bigger pots then there are public leagues available to play in as well.

The golf majors are similar; members of the league pick golfers they think will win to be in their team. At the end of the tournament, the top 50 golfers on the leaderboard will be allocated points depending on where they ranked. The member with the most points the end, wins. Woop!

But PlaynBrag really isn’t all about the gambling - that’s what gets you there, what keeps you there, is the opportunity to talk, chat shit and wind up your mates through the use of the comments box. The app is available and free to download on both iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play respectively.


So what are you waiting for? Show your mate’s who’s ‘alpha’ by starting your very own league today!

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