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Check Out the Apps to Keep Game of Thrones Fans Happy

24 May 2018 Developer News
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@thronesfacts via Twitter
@thronesfacts via Twitter

Fans of Game of Thrones emitted a heavy sigh when the news rolled in that the entire year of 2018 would be starkly Thrones-free. While this has given those in the 1% who haven’t watched the show yet a fair chance to catch up, diehard fans of the show need something else Thrones related to fill their entire 12 months with. One such void-filler is that Game of Thrones series of apps that have been heavily advertised across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to try to snatch some of the engagement that the show would usually have kept. But what are the Game of Thrones apps all about?


The Warner Bros. backed app Game of Thrones: Conquest is one such way to spend your Seven Kingdoms-free time. The game, endorsed by HBO, touts itself as being in touch with the concepts of the show, as opposed to the characters themselves. The game sees you as a Lord of Westeros attempting to create your own strategy to win the Iron Throne. It takes inspiration from Tyrion’s political machinations behind the scenes, and the lengthy crusade-style wars that have been raging since old Ned Stark lost his head (spoiler). The game provides opportunities for in-app purchases in order to advance towards beating your rivals for the Iron Throne. It takes inspiration from Age of Empires, Civilization.  


There is another way to connect to Game of Thrones on your mobile while you wait for the next series to finally land. Game of Thrones has been transformed into a slot game on a range of mobile casino apps, which allow players to engage with the content of Game of Thrones with an added element of competitive gameplay. The functionality of the game is not unlike the fight for the Iron Throne – planning ahead and thinking quickly are extremely beneficial. The game takes motifs from the series and the same orchestral style music to transport players back to Westeros and right in the middle of a skirmish to control the land.


@gameofthronestv via Twitter

Game of Thrones: Ascent is another app that focuses on the supremacy aspect that is the undercurrent of the show. The game allows players to pledge allegiance to one of the major houses and utilize the weaponry (and dragons) that the house has to offer. The fan response is that the storylines featured in the game are strong and that they could be a suitable way to satiate our desire to get back to Westeros while the show is off the air. Alternatively, if playing a Game of Thrones game doesn’t suit, test your diehard knowledge with a multitude of trivia apps.


So, while you wait patiently for the production to finish, the episodes to be closely guarded while they’re edited, and then released on a weekly drip, there are other ways in which you can feel like you’re one with the characters. Playing Game of Thrones on your mobile is a worthwhile way as any to spend the time waiting for what is set to be the most expansive television event of our lifetimes. Bring on 2019.

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