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Flying Toys to control with an app

10 Dec 2018 Developer News
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Flying toys apps
Flying toys apps

Toys for a long time have been associated with children as they are a source of joy to them. Getting your kid a toy is probably one of the best gifts you can grant them. The pleasure of acquiring a new toy is often overwhelming and create quite a connection between you and your little ones.  Different toys have been in use since time immemorial.

Technological advancements have not left behind the play industry that is toys. More sophisticated toys are now made to help develop the kids entirely. Some of such toys are a simulation of reality and are not only applicable to children.

Playing with toys allow a child to explore his environment and interestingly learn new skills. Besides, toys have been shown to enhance creativity in kids especially if they involve direct contact in the manipulations. Some of the toys are beneficial even to adults as they offer a good way of relaxation. Remember, some of the crucial inventions that changed the world were discovered accidentally during play.

The time you kid spends playing is never wasted and if possible, find them the best toys. Aviation is an exciting prospect for many. You may probably want your kid to venture into it or make them have fun. Well, flying toys are available, and your young ones can undoubtedly be on the air. Technological developments have seen the introduction of app control flying toys which mimic the real thing wholly. Below is a discussion touching on some of the flying toys that are app controlled. You can use your smartphone leading the toy from a remote site. There are several types of Flying Toys in the market, and you can follow at to get more information.

  1. Flying Heroes Spider-Man Action Figure

One of the fantastic toys developed by Bright Direct that your kid will not outgrow. The Spidey typically makes your children soar to a greater height. The child-driven play gadget a 6.5 inches tall toy that is operated by launch handler. The toy manufactured by character is easy to control as most functionalities are automated in the app. This particular toy is suitable for kids aged between 4 and 12 years. The doll is pretty and robust with a good spinning action flying reasonably high.

Therefore can be a source of hours of amusement for kids and adults alike. When you buy this toy, your kids will remain entertained all through and allow you time to do other vital stuff. Chances are, you will recommend this product to a friend because it is just awesome. On the downside, the toy looks fragile, and some sense of caution is necessary to assure durability. Also, Spidey is not suitable for kids below the age of 36 months. You got to be patient.

  1. Set of 3 Flying Flingshot Howler Monkeys Plush

One of the outstanding toys that will be beneficial to your kids especially those that love pets. The excitement of seeing the Flingshot howler monkeys arise in circuits will keep your kids entertained all day. Playmaker toys will make your kid more engaged in fun activities. You can use these toys to motivate your kid.

They are suitable for children of age range 2years to 6 years. Your kid should not miss this beautiful playing material during their development as this will aid in their growth.  You can also acquire the same for your pets as they will develop their cognitive prowess, especially in dogs. Having these flying toys will make any outdoor event colorful. Your party loving kid will appreciate having these toys as they have a soothing musical sound. More than 88% of customers who purchased Flyingshot Howler Monkey Plush are contented with the product, and a whole 70% will recommend them to friends. This portrays the level of confidence and integrity in the toy; real value for money. The set of three is available for $16.8 at Amazon stores.

  1. Toyk Flying Ball Infrared Induction RC Flying Toy

One of the modern toys that you should consider buying for your kids. It is full of features that make playing even more interesting. It can hover up to 15 feet high, and the LED light are colorful making your child glued to the toy all through. Wireless control is available in the form of an app in your iOS devices, and it is straightforward to control the toy after getting to the air. The package bought at $19.99 contains the flying ball, charging cable and remote control.

Configuring the game to app control is quite simple from  This game is suitable for kids above the age of 8 years. Even adults will find it fun playing with this toy. Moreover, safety measures are in place to protect you during a gaming by just a click. It is advisable that you fly this device away from animals.

  1. Betheaces Flying Ball

Betheaces flying ball helicopter is a unisex toy that is meekly designed with high technology and novelty. I resemble a drone or a helicopter. The balls have infrared sensors empowering the remote control feature from the app.  The advanced hover feature in this toy is impressive. During the flight, it can detect objects in the vicinity and drift away automatically.

Having proper app control will make the play with this toy delightful and your kids will wish for more playtime. This can be a bait positive-inducement strategy to help them advance in other areas. Remote control enables easy use of the toy, combined with lightweight features they are well intended to have the best experience in play.

Integrating the use of the app for Android and iOS devices in flying toys is a favorite move that has made toys more interesting to kids. Flying toys that are remotely controlled are generally safe since your kids won’t have to wander far away subjecting themselves to injuries. There are several types of flying toys in the market, and you can follow at to get more information. Don’t be left behind, grant your kid the best gift by finding them a flying toy. Flying toys that are controlled by apps are a source of fun and help in child development.

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