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The Top 5 Best Apps for Your Instagram Content

08 Feb 2019 Developer News
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With close to half a billion users every day, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. As time went by, the app became more than just a platform for posting pictures and sharing ideas and became a business empire. This is because Instagram now can be used by businesses and individuals to market their brands and get even more online followers. Setting up a website should not be your only marketing strategy especially in this social media era. Due to this, it is now easier to convert traffic into sales resulting in more profit for your business. This list involves our best 5 Instagram apps which you can use to boost your content.



If you love getting quality results, without being a computer geek, VSCO is one of the best apps for you. With an easy-to-use interface, there are several editing options you can use to make your pictures more attractive. A huge selection of advanced paid filters and options are also available for you to get the best for your content. The app is available to both Android and iOS users. One more interesting fact about this app is the fact that you can share the content with your followers on VSCO or directly post it to Instagram.


We all love the magic Photoshop does to photos, but do we all have access to it? Sadly no. Canva provides a lot of editing features which may be close to those of Photoshop but easier to use, and to top it all, they are free to access! The layout design is easy to use and there is always something for you. You can also get yourself stock photos for as low as $1. The app is easily accessible by Android and iOS users. You can still use a web version if needed.


If you are looking for the ultimate video editing app for your Instagram posts, InShot is your best choice. There are a bunch of cool editing features you can use such as adding voice-overs, music or texts to your videos without having to undergo through complex procedures. The baseline app is free for use and contains in-app purchases which you can get when you need advanced features.

4.Adobe Spark

Another flagship from Adobe has been introduced for those who love adding to their Instagram stories. With a wide range of editing features for you to choose from, this app is basically designed for those who wish to get outstanding Instagram stories to their audience, even with limited graphics editing knowledge. It is available to both mobile and web users.

5.Sprout Social

This is like an all-inclusive package for all your Instagram needs. Sprout Social offers you the best content scheduling and publishing tools. With its analytics, you are able to tell how your posts have been performing, which ones perform better, and also track engagement. The app can also monitor hashtags and comments on your behalf.


The most commonly used business strategies in Instagram are through sponsored ads, which of course, almost every business is using. Reaching out to influencers also works, but what you really need to stand out, are the abovementioned apps to boost your content and make it more likable by many. Try them today!

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